knowing where your car is ??

  Chronos 11:10 30 Apr 2004

hi, on the TV the other day they had a laptop with a map of the area on it and they were tracking a car along the road, i presume with a GPS device, it that something they made up for the prog, or is it something the man in the street can do?...if so the two main questions have to be.....what does one need? and do you have to pay to use this GPS thingy... thanks

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:32 30 Apr 2004

The device is called tracker. It is activated when the car is stolen. It is about the size of a £2 coin an cn be easily concealed. It's signals can be detected and the position of the car can be tracked on a laptop or tracker receiver. It is accurate to 3 feet. they cost around £500 and there is a yearly here


  Pearly Gates |X|X| 11:34 30 Apr 2004

A fair amount of cash would be a prime requirement I should think.

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 11:38 30 Apr 2004

Or do you mean the navigation system to show you where you are and to plan a route for you from point A to point B. Some top end cars come with this fitted.

  Chronos 11:51 30 Apr 2004

thanks to you all, on the prog they were sitting at the laptop watching the car as it moved through the town..i thought that seemed a nice toy to have, keep my eye on the wife when she goes shopping :-)

  Chronos 13:48 30 Apr 2004

that does seem a good start...i shall now look into it.....nice one


  nkt2000 13:56 30 Apr 2004

Some day, all cars will be tracked this way.....but by whom?

  ch0pper 14:53 30 Apr 2004

With the new numberplate recognition devices allied to the new speed cameras it is already possible for you to be tracked over distances, albeit just at the entry/exit of the camera zone.

There has been a proposal that all major routes are to be covered by these SPECS cameras and linked to a national computer so that you can be monitored - for crime reduction purposes, of course !!! - so that unlike the normal GATSO devices your speed can be measured over long distances.

If you go through a camera in Southampton at 0900 and just happen to go through another in Manchester at 1100 then you must have exceeded the nation speed limit, even though you might have been adhering to te limits at the camera sites.

This is truly sinsiter Orwellian stuff.

But then again, expect David Blunkett to insist that we are all fitted with GPS transponders at birth so that the govt. can provide us with 'appropriate' services!

  Talented Monkey 14:55 30 Apr 2004

Using a Search Engine throws up interesting products .
Heres an interesting example. for oly £350 inc vat.

click here

  Stuartli 15:00 30 Apr 2004

The programme you probably saw (about South Yorkshire traffic police) had a section in which a traffic car crew was using a tracking device fitted and used by all UK forces in a proportion of their police vehicles.

As Gandalf states, the system is called Tracker and you pay for the installation of the device and then an annual subscription for the tracking service.

For obvious reasons, no one other than the actual Tracker fitter knows exactly where the device is hidden in the vehicle; there are up to 30 possible places which can be used.

If a Tracker fitted vehicle is stolen, the company alerts the relevant police force and if a police vehicle fitted with the signal tracker is available, the crew will attempt to track where it is.

Tracker is usually acquired by owners of particularly valuable cars which are the target of criminal car theft gangs; such vehicles are often stolen to order.

One friend of mine, a traffic officer, demonstrated the system for the Press when it was first launched.

A fellow journalist drove a Tracker equipped car to the other side of the town and hid it in a garage; within 20 minutes of my friend being informed of the stolen vehicle by radio, using his patrol vehicle equipment, he had tracked its whereabouts to within a few feet before proudly opening the garage doors.

  nkt2000 16:08 30 Apr 2004

Don't know if you are aware of this but the Trafficmaster system (those blue poles with all sorts of stuff on them at the side of the road)can track you as you pass each pole if you have a mobile phone on in the car. They can track your evey move, including your speed between poles. Fortunately, current legislation means that the info has to be erased within a few seconds of receipt, so no worries just now. But for how long?

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