kindle and will it be discounted soon

  Jameslayer 02:40 25 Dec 2014

Hi on another thread I allowed myself to be convinced to get a E Reader that and the fact I relised that I don't have the space for another bookcase.So I have decided to buy a kindle as its the most common and from what people posted in the other thread I can convert other ebooks to be accessed on the kindle but unfortunatly I missed the 49.99 deal and their back to 59.

I am presuming that it was some sort of mass price reduction as every site i look at says 49 but when you try and buy it changes to 59. Argos being the prime example. Do they regurly discount it like that?

  morddwyd 08:38 25 Dec 2014

Have a look if you cab afford a cheap tablet and download the Kindle app.

That way you have the best of both worlds, the Kindle library and also full internet access.

I haven't used my Kindle for months but still read an e-book every week or so.

  spuds 12:20 25 Dec 2014

Amazon have been adverting their special sale, like Jock1e states, so it might be worth looking there at 4pm today.

A quick internet search should bring in a few bargains in the next few days, so it might pay to be a little selective before making that final purchase. Argos have also had recent price reductions.

  lotvic 23:19 25 Dec 2014

I'd advise doing as morddwyd says, before committing to a black and white only kindle eReader, try out the free kindle app first on whatever pc / tablet you currently have.

I have found that I now prefer the extra functions of ePub colour formats on my Tablet rather than my Kindle device (I think I hinted at that in your other thread?)

I find the Kindle does have limitations that started to annoy me... for instance it doesn't natively show the 'Jacket' description of the book synopsis I have to use Calibre to convert and to insert it as a page.

  wee eddie 07:41 26 Dec 2014

As the cost of purchase is a tiny fraction of the life cost of any of these Readers. A saving of a couple of quid is neither here nor there.

You will have sopped that up with the purchase of the first two books.

Get the one you want. Not necessarily the deal of the day

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