kindle paperwhite or tesco hudl?!

  LucySpalding 23:12 01 Aug 2014

Hi all, I currently read on a standard kindle which I love. However hubby has changed jobs and get up early so 'lights out' is somewhat earlier. Therefore I've been pondering a paperwhite but couldn't justify the prices given I have a perfectly functional kindle. However you can now buy them in Tesco and I have lots of vouchers to spend!

However, it then occurred to me that a hudl is only £10 more... and now I can't decide which to get! I am using primarily for reading - I have a laptop for everything else and a smartphone if I am out. But the kids would probably use a tablet (they love my Mums nexus 7). Therefore I don't know which to get. Been reading about an e-ink screen being much easier to read than an LCD screen, is it a huge difference?

Don't want to stretch to a more expensive tablet (defeats the tesco voucher justification!) or an alternative e-reader (too many books in my kindle library).

Anyone got any words of wisdom that'll get me off the fence?! Its that or sit in the lounge reading/buy a torch!

Thanks! Lucy

  hastelloy 08:22 02 Aug 2014

I've never used the hudl but I can thoroughly recommend the paperwhite.

  Woolwell 17:56 02 Aug 2014

If you want to read ebooks then the way to go is get a Kindle or other reader as the screens are IMO much better for reading books, plus the battery life is usually much better. However if you want more functionality eg email, internet, other apps, then a tablet is the route to go. I have both!

You can get a clip on light for a Kindle.

  LucySpalding 21:08 02 Aug 2014

Thankyou both. I can't help but think I don't really need the other functions - I do that on my phone. I have been using a headtorch (I have a clip on light but it doesn't illuminate the whole screen at a time) but its so bright I may as well have my lamp on! Hadn't thought of battery life; currently swaying towards the paperwhite I think... thanks for your input :)

  Woolwell 21:37 02 Aug 2014

My wife has a Belkin clip on light for her Kindle and it illuminates the whole screen.

  hastelloy 09:17 03 Aug 2014

When I had my original Kindle, I used an Octovo which was brilliant. These don't seem to be available now but, if you get a Paperwhite, you won't need one anyway.

  Batch 14:25 03 Aug 2014

I think I'm right in saying that tablets (and laptops and PC monitors) use a backlit screen and so work well in less bright conditions (and definitely are not good in bright light. Backlit means that the device uses its own internal light source to light up the screen (and hence create contrast).

I have a Nexus 7 tablet. Next to useless out in the garden and NBG at all if I'm wearing sunglasses.

Whereas e-readers tend to utilise the ambient light (and so are effectively front lit by the ambient light) and are actually better (or at least as good) in bright light as in dim light.

  Forum Editor 22:46 03 Aug 2014

I have both a Paperwhite and a Hudl.

The Kindle is an indispensable device as far as I'm concerned. I have two - one for home and one for travelling. The Paperwhite is for travelling, and it is superb.

My Hudl was an impulse buy - I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Now I know - it is an absolute bargain. The display quality is superb, it does email and web browsing to perfection, its wireless capabilities are excellent, and I can use it for pretty well everything. The Hudl is widely regarded as one of the bargains of the century, and gets consistently good reviews.

If reading is the priority, get the Kindle. If you want productivity capability get a Hudl. To be honest you'll be very happy with either of them. There's a new Hudl version being launched in September, so if you decide to go for one you might want to wait until then.

  LucySpalding 08:56 09 Aug 2014

thanks for your help everyone; I am picking up my paperwhite this afternoon - stupidly excited!!!

  Woolwell 09:54 09 Aug 2014

Good for you. Thanks for letting us know.

  Forum Editor 11:20 09 Aug 2014

You'll probably never read a paper book again - I've been using a Kindle since they first appeared, and I've read two conventional books since then. My kindle, on the other hand, currently has 473 books stored on it.

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