kindle fire hdx anyone?

  rickf 19:57 13 May 2014

Hi Thinking of getting one to replace my Samsung. Specifically, how does it compare for reading books to the Kindle Paper White. Thanks

  BT 07:54 14 May 2014

Can't say about the HDX but my wife has a Kindle Fire and she's not impressed with it . It does all the E-Book thing but she still prefers the basic Kindle for this. As a Tablet its OK but is locked to Amazon Apps etc. I'd stick with the Samsung (which I use) and find perfectly good for E-Books as well as having 2 cameras.

  Pine Man 08:05 14 May 2014

If you want to read ebooks forget the Kindle Fire. Compared with the Paperwhite it comes a very, very, very poor second.

  rickf 10:44 14 May 2014

Thanks for the input. Maybe Paper White then. Problem is my Samsung Note 10.1 won't stream movies from Amazon as it is incompatible with Flash Player. I'll give it more time before deciding to make the plunge. The Paper White is very light which is a plus.

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