Kinda misleading PC game bought!

  tran1 18:41 26 Feb 2003


I was browsing a computer games store today and a game called 'Everquest' looked intersting. Its an online role-playing game. I didn't really read much of the info on the back, mearly scanned through. Getting home, I installed and attempted to play the game.

However, I realised in the terms and conditions that I need to pay a monthly subscription to play. Woah! I said, a monthly subscription just to play it. I was astonished! I carried on and found out the first month is free whilst the rest costs about £9.00 per month. I'm totally gutted! Can't believe it.

This is what it says on the box.

'Internet connection Required. PLay free for the first month. Additional monthly fee subscription required. Players are responsible for all applicable fees'.

Does this sound misleading to anyone. I was assuming it was giving away free connection to the internet for those who don't have internet access. Giving you the first months free connection. And becuase its a pure online game, it sounded right.

If they had removed the bit saying ' Internet connection Required' and kept that part away from the rest, it would have been more clearer.

I'm here to ask, what are the chances of getting a refund from Ubi Soft (makers). Theres no way I can afford to pay a monthy fee just to play a game.

If I can't, Then I would probably try and flog it on ebay.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:05 26 Feb 2003

'Internet connection Required. PLay free for the first month. Additional monthly fee subscription required. Players are responsible for all applicable fees'....seems blindingly clear to me that you have to cough up wonga after month one.


  Djohn 19:37 26 Feb 2003

Erm! must admit, that's the way I read it too.

Need internet connection/play free for 1 month/then fee payable to carry on playing. :o(

  so3003 19:45 26 Feb 2003

Well it does read fairly obviously that it's an online subscription based game, but then I'm used to seeing that sort of description and know what it means, whereas you don't appear to be as au fait with it.

I think you've got a good case for returning it to the shops for a refund - I'm sure there's a "cooling off" period for new purchases anyway (though that might only apply to online purchases).

Let us know how you get on!


  two00lbwaster 19:50 26 Feb 2003

used to cost a fiver when i bought it i got the gold pack with all the bits about 6 months ago but still havent gotten round to install it.

i knew there was a amount payable and yes i understood what it meant when i bought the game to be honest its not worth me starting it yet that and i bought a game thats proabably just as engaging and its free to play online the game? counterstrike.

gotta say its getting very expensive now at £9. i think an incremental system would be better where the more information you have hosted the more you pay and thus ppl would delete old profiles that they dont use any more.

  tran1 13:24 28 Feb 2003


I phoned Ubi Soft support and they told me that I can't resell the game becuase its already registered with me and my computer.

I have decided to keep it for a month then I will probably put it in the back of my Games collection.

  Coaster3 13:49 28 Feb 2003

Sounds to me like they rely on people not reading the box. Otherwise, I can't see how they would ever sell the game.

  Goldcroft 14:49 28 Feb 2003

Isn't this the same game featured in, I seem to remember, the Sunday Times very recently. People have become completely hooked on it, given up their jobs to play it all the time etc etc? Or is it another one?

  cookie monster 15:01 28 Feb 2003

To be honest, if you are going to play online, on servers that are capable of hosting Thousands of people at any given time, you expect to pay £30 or £40 and thats it, hmmmmmmmm, I think it is a case of, next time, read the box PROPERLY.

If the game is good, and you are SERIOUS about playing it, then that is £9 well spent, in the end, that is only the cost of hiring 2 DVD's a month isn't it!!!

  tran1 15:32 28 Feb 2003


I did read the box but got the wrong impression about it. I assumed they were offering people 1 months free internet connection for those that don't have internet access. Becuase its a purely online playable game, that sounded right. I'd never heard of a game where you would have to play a subscription to continue playing. Shelling out £30 was enough for me.

First person shooters like Medal of honor etc have multiplayer capabilities and playing online with people around the world costs nothing. I have many FPS and when I found Everquest, I just assumed the same thing.

Anyway, I guess thats just tough luck for me.

Thanks for the responses

  Legolas 15:48 28 Feb 2003

Where did you buy the game? many game stores will allow you to take games back and get a refund or tokens or exchange the game for something else. I bought a game from "Game" (formally "Electronic Boutique) the other day and the salesman told me to bring it back for any reason and I could get a refund no questions asked.

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