kazaa users worried continued

  Jane doe 20:03 15 Sep 2003

this is just for the forum editor.
>I was interested to read the contributions from Jane doe, who, though she had some interesting points to make seemed to lose the plot somewhat. She made a big point of the fact that we pay far more than do Americans for our music, and that was a justification for downloading or taping - yet surely the really big downloading goes on in America, the very place where music is far cheaper?

Just to clear a point. Shaylind is a distibution exec for a record label in US, but she didn't say that. She was not saying copyright theft is OK. Just that copying music is understandable, especially given our prices. In US the number of downloads per user is far less than here its just that in USA there are far more people doing downloads so the total is more. I took her to a boot sale and showed her people who had copied records and DVDs by the hundreds and was selling them for profit. She thought that was criminal. Ill say no more as Im not so eloquent as she and dont really know much about it. She was just using my puter whilst here. Thank you. Jane.

  Forum Editor 23:20 15 Sep 2003

but we can't talk to two people via one login I'm afraid. If your friend wants to clarify her point of view she'll have to register with us to do it.

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