Kazaa makes a brilliant move

  TOPCAT® 18:56 02 Jun 2003

or is it?

Quote: 'Brilliant Digital Entertainment, a company closely associated with Kazaa, the file swapping network, announced a network within a network. This new entity is designed to offer paid content, as opposed to the usual free file trading that has got Hollywood, the record companies, software companies, and just about everyone else in such a tizzy....' Unquote

click here to read how they intend to do it.

Supposedly, this plan puts the user and the network in a win, win situation. I'm not so sure. TC.

  TECHNODIMWIT 19:27 02 Jun 2003

you have to give them some credit for trying to legitimize p2p services.

personally i think it would be better if the record company's etc. were to start a cheap service for all to use, cost per piece of music or film would be lower, but if they sell 10 times more content, they are making more money.

dont like the idea that my computer is helping to distribute there content, as it still leaves my pc wide open for attack.


  TOPCAT® 19:38 02 Jun 2003

That's the bit that gives me the greatest concern too. TC.

  mole44 20:07 02 Jun 2003

p2p is stealing ,best bet buy the record as i do then no problem

  Forum Editor 20:31 02 Jun 2003

All they have to do is persuade enough people to allow them to place encrypted files on their hard drives without them knowing, and then persuade enough people to pay for the files so it makes them a profit.

No matter how they try to wrap it up the fact remains that you would be allowing total strangers to place files on your drive, and other total strangers would download them. It's true that plenty of people are happy to do a similar thing with Kazaa at the moment, but there's a subtle difference - someone who uses Kazaa does so proactively. He/she makes a decision to download a file, and another decision to allow others access to files on his/her machine. The difference with the proposed scheme (as I understand it) is that participants will have no idea when files are being placed on their drives, or what they are.

That would certainly worry me, and I think it will worry a lot of people.

  The Spires 21:29 02 Jun 2003

'Brilliant Digital Entertainment, Even the name makes me shudder, not to be trusted I think.

  canard 22:48 02 Jun 2003

Isn't Brilliant some form of spyware?

  Macaonasa 17:23 07 Jun 2003


  Gaz 25 21:07 08 Jun 2003

Brilliant digital install software which shares your HDD and processor power to do what THEY want on, imagine 1000's of PC's, all sharing about 500Mb and 10% Processor power, add it up, whooo, some mainframe power they have there.

Stupid idiots, what do they get out of it.



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