Is Kazaa legal..

  ened 06:45 26 Apr 2004

...or any other file sharing?
How does the user ascertain whether any particular file is legal or not?
For instance if a file is from a BBC broadcast is it legal?
If you download an apparently legit file which turns out to be 'dark' then delete it does that make you a criminal?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:07 26 Apr 2004

Yes, Kazaa is legal. Downloading copyright material is not. Most music will be copyright although there are a few songs that can be downloaded for free but these are usually on a website. The BBC do allow some downloadig for listening/watching later.

It is unlikely that men in dark suits will come round to give you a good going over and shoeing if you download a few songs by *ahem* mistake; they are more interested in the people that download industrial quantities.

However as CDs are around £9.99 there seems to be no argument in buying one as the songs each work out at the price of a third of a pint of beer.

As a caveat, there are loads of viruses on Kazaa and others and you have an open port that you have given permission for anyhting to enter. A firewall will be of no use and an AV will only be a bit better.


  ened 07:17 26 Apr 2004

GANDALF <|:-)> by 'dark' things I meant illegal porn, which appears to be fairly prevalent and hidden in innocuous sounding file names.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:26 26 Apr 2004

It is rare to download Pr0n masquerading as another file and you can delete it immediately. People that have been found with large quantities of Pr0n on their computer, which has NOT been deleted, and then claim that it was downloaded without their knowledge, stretch my incredulity somewhat.;-)) Check each downloaded file and if it is dodgy delete. Anyone who downloads without checking deserves all they get.


  spuds 10:21 26 Apr 2004

The Kazaa subject as been discussed on many occassions. Mr G as covered the subject quite well. But remember, Kazaa can 'effect' your computer.

  Aspman 12:10 26 Apr 2004

I have reformatted quite a number of machines over the last few months. Almost all of those pcs that were slow and unreliable to the point of being unusable were running some sort of file sharing software. Kazaa or Audio Galaxy were the main programs. All of the machines were riddled with spyware and other nasties.

For cheap music try Ebay. Much safer than P2P programs.

  Flak999 22:28 26 Apr 2004

get KaZaA lite!
There is no spyware included and it does not slow your machine at all, best of all it passes with a clean bill of health through spybot search and destroy and adaware!


  byfordr 23:11 26 Apr 2004

click here bit torrent?


  josie mayhem 23:17 26 Apr 2004

But you still get all the other nasties,

I would advise that you think very cafefully before proceeding!

  tarkus 11:24 27 Apr 2004

i note that you listed audio galaxy along with Kazza, now i use audio galaxy on my pc i pay $6.99 a month for streaming access and 50cents per track to burn to disk. i would class audio galaxy as a legal music downloading / listening site and also beleive that it is now part of realnetworks (real player) have also never found any spy ware or nasties from audio galaxy. i do note however that audio galaxy does state that it is only avalable in america but i signed up for it here in the uk with no problems. i would recommend audiogalaxy to anyone who has a broadband conection and wants to remain legal in what they download.

  Aspman 15:43 27 Apr 2004

The Audio Galaxy I removed certainly wasn't being paid for.

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