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Kaspersky Labs working with Russian Govt.

  Chris Cox 22:22 28 Sep 2018

Do the authors of antivirus articles take into consideration anything except how well these products perform as antivirus software? Kaspersky Labs has been implicated in data breeches at the NSA and other government and corporations around the world. They apparently work with the Russian government for nefarious reasons. A quick google search brings up a lot of disturbing allegations. It's disturbing how often they are recommended as a good antivirus software.

  wee eddie 23:25 28 Sep 2018

The American Government has instructed its Infrastructure Companies not to use Kaspersky. Rumours have it that the UK have followed their lead.

As a UK Citizen, I see the risk no higher than using an iPhone

  alanrwood 09:16 29 Sep 2018

Because of these accusations (without proof I believe) Kasperski has moved to Switzerland. It seems to me that this is symptomatic of the cold war attitude which is developing between Russia and the West and I certainly don't trust Russia at all. Just for clarity I am not a Kaspersky user but remain suspicious of the motives of the US government without more proof.

  daz60 11:54 30 Sep 2018

"They apparently work with the Russian government for nefarious reasons",or is this a policy of demonising Russia and anyone or any corproation with ties to Russia.I suppose Britain and America being paragons of virtue would not engage in any such "nefarious" activity.

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