sunnystaines 14:10 11 Mar 2013

as any used one of these for cleaning vehicles etc, been too a karcher centre and they look impressive, seen a few reports that the two series is poor but the 3 series upwards are good.

they are pricey so want to check to see if they are so good first.

looking for any readers feedback

  Forum Editor 15:55 11 Mar 2013

I have the K375,and I can't fault it. For the first few weeks I was looking for things to blast with it, but that soon faded.

Be careful if you use it on the patio - it will have the pointing out if it's in any way defective.

  wiz-king 16:08 11 Mar 2013

I you want it for car cleaning stand well back when you first start or you will scratch the paint with all the road grime.

  HondaMan 17:25 11 Mar 2013

I have had one for about 10 years. Nice bit if kit.

  sunnystaines 17:46 11 Mar 2013

thank you all for the feedback

  morddwyd 19:24 11 Mar 2013

Don't use it on tarmac either.

You'll end up sweeping it up!

  chub_tor 15:37 12 Mar 2013

Reading about the power of these Karcher machines makes me glad I've only got a cheapy endorsed by Eddy Irvine and bought from Woolies before they went bust! Mine may have a wonky wheel now but it still works well for blasting the bird mess off the deck, making my plastic guttering white again and just occasionally washing the car.... personally wouldn't be without one.

  sunnystaines 09:08 14 Mar 2013

one of the attachments is a foam spreader for cleaning vehicles, is that any different to normal attachment with washwax added or just a gimmick.

  spuds 09:34 14 Mar 2013

When these products are advertised, it always seems to be a case of power washing a vehicle on a nice sunny afternoon, using all the various gizmo's also advertised, and surprise surprise you then have a showroom condition vehicle in front of you. What I would suggest, is that you go to one of the regular car 'hand wash' places, and see what the staff do and use there.

I have a number of power washers, from the once available £49.99 B&Q Special to the more powerful petrol engined unit. Generally, if the item as a 'detergent' dispenser provided, then I might use it. But a good old sleeves rolled-up job takes some beating!.

  sunnystaines 08:10 16 Mar 2013

got another question looking at the brush attachments for cleaning the car.

looked at the car wash brush in homebase it seemed too soft to clean the grim off a car especially the the stuff that ends up on the rear of a hatchback.

also looked online at the delta racer rotation brush which looks like it would be better but reviews show the washwax feed will not work with this attachment, and the rotary wash attachment fails to rotate.

i was wondering what brush attachment do you use on the vehicles?

  morddwyd 09:32 16 Mar 2013

"i was wondering what brush attachment do you use on the vehicles?"

I don't, they usually end up microscopically scratching the surface.

I simply power wash to loosen the dirt and complete the job by hand with a sponge or chamois. Still possible to get scratches but less likely.

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