Juzt Reboot - Has anyone used it or any comments

  OU812 01:01 01 Aug 2004

Recently read a very positive review of this product which is a PCI card that allows you to quickly recover to a good working state if things go awry. Its distributed by click here

Pretty sold on it for the most part other than for its lack of SATA and RAID support. While I don't currently use either I had been thinking about doing so now that I have a Mobo that supports both.

Really here just inquiring if anyone has used it and if so what do you think about it as a product and the company Juzt Innovations (based in Eire) that distributes it.

  zootmo 17:40 01 Aug 2004

It seems to have one fatal flaw, now if I understand it correctly, it uses part of the hard drive. So if the hard drive fails?

  OU812 17:54 01 Aug 2004

Yeah, I thought about that as well, however I do have a second Hard Drive for backups and have just brought a DVD burner for extra insurance!

However It seems an attractive option given the speed with which it can revert your HD (disk failure not permitting) compared to something like the half hour it has taken using Drive Image 7 to recover my C partition in the past.

I therefore view it as a highly enhanced version of system restore (ie one that hopefully works when you need it too!) and other than for the caveats mentioned in my first post (SATA and RAID) would still be interested to see what anyone who has used it thinks of it.

  OU812 23:04 13 Aug 2004

Clearly there's little experience of (or desire to comment on) this product, so its a suck and see!

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