Just want to check my rights

  User-7A745D18-AA77-4264-9D17E76CC8A1664E 00:02 18 Nov 2003

I purchased an HP all-in-one printer from PC World in August of this year, which has developed a fault.

I know that PC World has been critisised for it's customer service where faulty goods are concerned so I would therefore like to know exactly what my rights are before contacing the store.

I know that it can sometimes be the case that the retailer insists that the manufacturer be contaced where printers are concerned but I would like to know whether I can insist that PC World resolve the problem, bearing in mind that short length of time that I have owned the goods.

Many thanks.

  Steven135 00:17 18 Nov 2003

Others may correct me but although its the store that has responsibility to repair the printer its often quicker to contact the manufacturer but in the end you can insist they sort it out.

  rent-a-cop 00:28 18 Nov 2003

As far as I am aware it is pc world's responsibility to repair the goods, however this can often be through the manufacturer, be it return to base (which pc world should do for you) or by arranging an engineer to call out. Be polite and always remain calm when dealing with store staff, often they are just following company policy (even if it is questionable) and they cannot change that. I would often go "above and beyond" to help a customer who was polite and respectful. Ring the national pc world helpful to find out what the policy is before you go into the store and get the persons name (and make sure they are specific, perhaps giving you a team number or call ref no if available (i'm sure there are a lot of david jones' working in the call centre for example)) then you have your ammunition if you encounter problems in store (there's nothing better than hitting a store manager over the head with his own rule book)

  rent-a-cop 00:30 18 Nov 2003

Although not literally of course!

  Patr100 01:04 18 Nov 2003

The Sale of goods contract is with the retailer ie PC world. You can insist that they deal with the matter although it may be quicker for you to deal directly with the manufacturer.The retailer cannot wash their hands and insist that you go directly to the manufacturer. It is your choice although it may be the quickest route to a solution.

Thans for the replies.

I tried calling the national number but received a message saying that there was a long wait so I hung up. I will take the printer back to the store this evening.

It is my intention to reamin polite throughout but I want to be armed with the facts so that I can put my case firmly (withut being rude) should I not receive a satisfactory response.

Will post back this evening.

On a couple of occasions I had problems with software bought from PC World, and on taking it back to them they exchanged it without any quibble. I have not had any hardware from them, but have no reason to think they would not react in the same positive way; either with a replacement, or arranging a repair.

  StephShadow 14:46 18 Nov 2003

I too have an HP all in one - no faults so far (1year+), you must be unlucky. Yours must be covered by a one-year HP warranty? This gives you the right to refund or replacement. Also check the HP website for fault-fixing and tips - hp.com

Thanks again.

The fault is a mechanical one so a repair or replacement will be required.

Will revert with outcome.

I visited my local store and was told to call the help line. Someone would then put me in touch with HP wo would arrange for the printer to be swapped. I've tried calling the help line but it is not possible to get through. I feel that I am being fobbed off so perhaps I should have been more insistant that PC World sort out the problem when I was at the store.

I do realise that it is sometimes better to deal direct with the manufacturer as I did a CTX, who were great.

What is the best course of action to take? Should I get in direct contact with HP?

  spuds 21:08 18 Nov 2003

If the PCW staff have reffered you to a premium PCW helpline, then I would contact HP if they have standard rate line charges.HP will most likely give the solution to your problem, much quicker than anyone else. But first hand, I would look at the HP website support or post your actual problem on the PCA Helproom.

If there is a definate fault mechainical fault, then you are in your legal rights to dump the problem, onto the PCW store that you purchased the printer from.The law as changed in your favour now, more difficult for ANY retailer to get out of their legal responsibilities.

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