just ordered a mesh pc

  mft4 18:42 31 Dec 2003

I ordered a mesh pc 3 day's ago and after reading other reviews on mesh i am rather concerned.They stated that they would send me by post a confirmation of delivery out to me within a few days,nothing so far,I know it is Christmas so the post maybe to blame,so I e-mailed them yesterday requesting if i could be sent an e-mail confirming my order and also expected delivery time,but again nothing.If I dont hear from them directly after new years day or sooner then i will be phoning to cancel my order.I hope this is just my impatience and not bad customer service on meshes part.

  bremner 18:46 31 Dec 2003

It is usually about 7 days before you get the confirmation and so at this time of year you may have a few extra days.

I would wait until Monday and if you haven't heard give them a ring.

The views expressed on here are of concern but represent a very small percentage of Meshes customers who never have a problem and receive an excellent service.

I'm sure it is your impatience.

  georgemac 19:12 31 Dec 2003

I just advised my friends to purchase a pc from mesh and they ordered it today. They were not sure about placing an order online but I persuaded them it would be OK.

They were told to expect a confirmation invoice in 2 days, and this would inform them of a delivery date.

I hope it all goes OK, and if it is normally 7 days until the invoice is recieved, then this is what should be ststed on the website. It may take longer at this time of year, but if this is the case it should say this on the website.

Too many etailers nowadys seem to be letting themselves down with promised delivery times they cannot meet.

I sometimes despair of how we have become an instant society. Many people are having the best part of two weeks holiday over Xmas/New Year, but still expect companies and their staff to trade as normal. Ordering a computer on Monday, and threatning to cancel on Wednesday because they have not had postal confirmation and delivery date is a little unreasonable at this time of the year.I subscribe to the philosophy that if you look for problems, then you will find them :)

  bfoc 02:05 01 Jan 2004

May be the time to be patient.

Mesh have an active presence here and no doubt they will pick up this thread once they have have had their (well earned?) break!

I have had a problems with mesh in the past, but I'm willing to accept that I was unlucky.

If the machine was the best one for you on the 28th, it probably still is today!

Good luck and have a good New Year!

  Stuartli 09:27 01 Jan 2004

The invoice for the Mesh system I acquired in September (on behalf of a friend) took five days, including a weekend, to be delivered after making the online order.

The Mesh system itself was delivered on the day promised, worked straight out of the box and has done so ever since.

  Stuartli 09:28 01 Jan 2004

Davey, from Mesh Support, emphasised yesterday that the company was only open until 1pm (it was New Year's Eve after all) and that anyone with queries should contact the firm before then.

We all need a break at this time of the year and I'm sure that you are the same...:-)

  georgemac 09:42 01 Jan 2004

I did realise as did my friends that yesterday was hogmany, and they do not expect to recieve an invoice on Friday but sometime next week.

My point is that it is very easy to change a one liner on a website to say expect the invoice to arrive in 7 days due to closures over the holiday period.

I have no axe to grind with mesh, the pc they supplied my brother with arrived on the day they said it would and has been working like a dream ever since.

I was badly let down by 2 other online sellers over the festive period, and one other online seller saved my skin by delivering at short notice exactly when they said they would. I still cannot even get a reply from one for an order placed on 9/12/03, and have been told by automated email twice to expect delivery, still nothing!

  Stuartli 09:43 01 Jan 2004

Davey also pointed out yesterday that the company will re-open tomorrow.......

By the way, Christmas was last week and you ordered your Mesh "three days ago", presumably Sunday or Monday; you add that Mesh stated "a confirmation of delivery will be sent out to me within a few days."

Mesh sells thousands of systems annually so your order will be in a queue and your invoice will be sent ASAP I'm quite sure; your system will be built and supplied on the same basis.

You'll just have to be patient, as already pointed out by bfoc and ELECTRON99, as you appear to be criticising Mesh most unfairly.

  Pappyon 09:45 01 Jan 2004

I ordered my Mesh PC in person from the Edinburgh facility, and it was about 8 working days before I received written confirmation, but it didn't bother me in the slightest! It takes them about 2 weeks or more to prepare a system, (especially if they are busy) if you order one tailor made, which I did.

  Stuartli 09:47 01 Jan 2004

It should be possible for people to work out for themselves that there are inevitably delays in postal deliveries, build completion of orders etc at this time of the year...:-)

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