Just found Card Fraud on an Account

  jakimo 16:08 24 Feb 2011

While checking the balance before depositing a cheque,my current a\c has 2 debits dated 21st Feb. both debits of £30 are for Tesco Mobile phones, so have done the obvious and cancelled my card.
I only use this a\c for the purpose of Internet purchases,so keep the balance to a low level in case of fraud,however it does come as a shock knowing that someone has access your a\c.

  Forum Editor 16:10 24 Feb 2011

from Speakers Corner.

  Jollyjohn 14:56 27 Feb 2011

Contact Tesco and they will block the phones. They blocked the credit when someone used my card fraudulently to purchase mobile phone top up!

  jakimo 15:44 27 Feb 2011

I did that,they replied that theres nothing they can do about it and referred me to the bank,who has now credited my account and issued a new Visa card.

  Forum Editor 18:16 27 Feb 2011

about it"

and they're right - it's nothing to do with Tesco. The phones were probably purchased quite legitimately from them. It's your card provider who must take action, and I see that has happened.

  Jollyjohn 11:00 28 Feb 2011

I would have thought Tesco would have had a record og the sim/phone id and could block it now they know it has been purchased with a fraud card - but maybe that request would need to come from your bank?

  jakimo 12:27 28 Feb 2011

The 2 debits were in payment for a monthly tesco phone contract,so as you suggest,it has every thing to do with tesco but were not prepared to look into the fraud

  Forum Editor 17:37 28 Feb 2011

that Tesco has absolutely no liability in this matter. The fact that someone used your current account to pay for the phone is nothing to do with Tesco, as I said earlier. It's a matter for your bank, as you have discovered. They have refunded the fraudulent debits and issued you with a new card, as they are bound to do under the terms of their agreement with you.

I can't understand why you think Tesco is in any way liable.

  jakimo 15:18 02 Mar 2011

'I can't understand why you think Tesco is in any way liable.'
Some misunderstanding here,I haven't suggested Tesco was liable,but inferring that as the fraud was in payment for a Tesco monthly phone contract,which I assumed they would have the details of the person in order to credit their account

  Forum Editor 16:43 02 Mar 2011

"..it has every thing to do with tesco but were not prepared to look into the fraud"

I was trying to make the point that Tesco has no liability for looking into the fraud, because as far as the company is concerned they have no evidence of a fraud - they simply did what they were supposed to do, they used the account details provided by the person who is their customer.

The fact that a person provided them with your account details is certainly a fraudulent use, but it's a matter for resolution between you and the bank. Tesco will not act because they have no reason to do so, unless they receive a request from the police for information about the third party.

It's irritating, but it's a fact. The Data protection legislation prohibits Tesco from disclosing any information about this person to anyone except an authorised agency - like the Police.

  jakimo 20:47 03 Mar 2011

You have provided me with information on The Data protection legislation where Tesco hadnt....for that I thank you

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