Just done a broadband speed test..

  Stuartli 12:50 10 Apr 2006

...on my 1MB Tiscali service (I have managed to get it up to 1.25MB with DrTCP tweaks) from click here

These are the figures:

Your line speed is:
8850.3 Kbps
1084.6 K bytes/sec

It's rated as off the scale and Superfast...:-)

No doubt an anomaly but I'm rather chuffed.....

  Stuartli 12:54 10 Apr 2006

I have tried it half-a-dozen times now and get pretty similar results....

  amonra 13:36 10 Apr 2006

DrTCP tweaks ?? Your link goes to Manx.
What's the connection ?
Also, what speed tester do you use ?

  Stuartli 13:40 10 Apr 2006

The speed test at manx.net is via Support:

click here

DrTCP can be obtained from various sources. Here's one:

click here

I've since done a speed test or two at:

click here=

and this gives the readings I would normally expect...:-((

  Jackcoms 14:29 10 Apr 2006

And so, your conclusion is ........?

  Stuartli 14:34 10 Apr 2006

My original thread comment was: "No doubt an anomaly but I'm rather chuffed....."

  Stuartli 14:47 10 Apr 2006

Just done another one for fun at manx.net

Your line speed is:
24840.2 Kbps
3044.1 K bytes/sec

I've e-mailed the company pointing out the speed tests' optimism...:-)

  Stuartli 14:47 10 Apr 2006

On the other hand I might consider getting a MAC code from Tiscali and doing a swap...

  Stuartli 14:53 10 Apr 2006

Even better:

Your line speed is:
29835.5 Kbps
3656.3 K bytes/sec

These are the more realistic ADSLguide figures:

Downstream 955 Kbps (119.4 KB/sec) 1031 Kbps (inc. overheads)

Upstream 243 Kbps (30.4 KB/sec) 262 Kbps (inc. overheads)

  bluto1 22:48 10 Apr 2006


  pavvi 23:28 10 Apr 2006

Tiscali don't do mac codes as it is only a voluntary scheme at the moment, so you would have to disconnect completely and then connect with a new one. It means you'll be without bb service for 15 working days while your line is cleared....

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