Just been insulted !

  rickf 08:38 24 Oct 2003

click here
My reply is meant for Gandalf. Others have tried to help and I much appreciate their suggestions. Why is he allowed to get away with this all the time?

  Stuartli 09:03 24 Oct 2003

Just a tongue in cheek offer I would suggest...

  Al94 09:03 24 Oct 2003

You over reacted to a litle joke, nothing more, nothing less. Your reaction was unwarranted. Perhaps a sense of humour would help?

PS How on earth do you find using ebay a hassle?

  bremner 10:17 24 Oct 2003

I see you have ticked this without further comment.

If you have a serious complaint it is always better to use the 'contact moderator' facility. That way threads of a personal nature do not develop.

On this matter I like all the other posters saw this as no more than an attempt at humour, certainly not an insult directed at you.

  Stuartli 14:16 24 Oct 2003

At least you were insulted by an expert..:-)

  Forum Editor 14:54 24 Oct 2003

to all this, and to allow it to continue would be to invite a 'Friday night fight' as I call them, so I'm going to lock the thread.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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