Jungle.com refunds.

  ewtie 19:34 20 Jul 2003

Firstly I would say that I am fortunate to get a refund from a computer firm thats gone. Well hopefully.
However, just over a month ago I contacted them regarding a hard disk that packed up, I sent it to the address given by them. Two weeks later I checked with Jungle and they had the notification of receipt of the disk. My first call to Jungle said I would get my money in two weeks, on the second call, I was told a month.

Has anyone experience of such a procedure with Jungle and with what result.


  -pops- 19:38 20 Jul 2003

Jungle doesn't exist any more does it?

All absorbed into Argos.

  ewtie 11:21 21 Jul 2003


  Belatucadrus 18:41 21 Jul 2003

Don't let them off, both Argos and Jungle have been owned by GUS for a long time, so it's an internal reorganisation. The parent company is unchanged.

  ewtie 19:18 21 Jul 2003

Thanks for info.

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