Judder Effect - Round Two

  Mary_S 22:30 17 Aug 2014

Earlier this year I bought a blu ray player and to my disappointment I found the juddering effect meant I could not enjoy the movies and my player remains untouched.

Last week my 10 year old PC monitor (50 HZ i think) died so I bought a replacement and to my horror on my new monitor (60 HZ) I instantly noticed the juddering effect. So now I can't even enjoy watching some tv from Amazon instant video. I thought juddering only effected blu rays not videos on the PC.

Will all 120 and 240 hz screens eliminate judder?

Are 100HZ screens just as crap for judder as 60HZ?

Why did I not notice any judder on my 50HZ monitor?

Why do they make 60 or 100 hz screens when it causes judder problems? WHy is the standard not 120 hz?


  Woolwell 22:35 17 Aug 2014

This may be down to your graphics card rather than the monitor. What are the specs of your system?

  wee eddie 04:30 18 Aug 2014

Definitely need the details of your System.

This is free and will give you all your System details Belarc Advisor.

Meanwhile, set you screen to what is described as its "Native Resolution"

  Number six 23:30 18 Aug 2014

Your problems are likely caused by PC hardware, graphics drivers or even the program you use to view blu-ray. Very unlikely to be a monitor problem.

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