Joystick choice

  merc. 11:16 08 Oct 2003

was wondering if there is much difference in the choice of joysticks available, I need one to opperate "Filght Simulator 2002" on my computer any help on what to look for or what would be best for this programe would be such a help.

my OS is XP with256mb, 64 graphics card & 4 usb ports if this helps

  smegs 14:17 08 Oct 2003

If U want it for Flight Simulator, U should go for a rumble joystick, that way U will feel things through the joystick like taking off & landing. Couldn't tell U which one, thats up to U.

  BeForU 18:57 08 Oct 2003

dont really know much about joysticks but good brands out there are microsoft i.e. their force feedback range and also Saitek & logitech as well! and yes its good to have one that has rumble and also the joystick handle being able to spin left and right as well!

  merc. 19:22 08 Oct 2003

Thanks for your replys have been to pc world and had a look they had the rumble and the force feed back ones are they both the same thing or completly different.


  SimianBenzoate 19:53 08 Oct 2003

rumble is the same thing as force feedback. i would go for logitech, ones i have had from them have always lasted well and you get exactly the same as a microsoft product for usually quite a bit less... however if you want it for flight sim 2002 which is microsoft you may want to check whether it will give you any additional functionality, and you will also be able to get auto set up for the joystick for use with that particular game i.e. it will set up all the throttle controls and buttons for you so they do the right things. i dont know if flight sim will have this for logitech as well but im pretty sure it will, it will have it for most major joysticks.

  ams4127 22:27 08 Oct 2003

I have just bought a Logitech cordless joystick to replace an old Logitech Wingman.


The cordless one goes into sleep mode after 2 minutes of inaction. So, when happily flying along, hands off and perfectly trimmed, the stick cuts out and the aircraft falls out of the sky! Logitech say it is part of the design and you can't overide it.

So much for advances in joystick design!

  Jomi 23:05 08 Oct 2003

I'm using a Saitek cyborg 3D with force feedback (USB)for flightsim 2004 and previously for fs2002.
It's an excellent joystick but I wouldn't bother with the force feedback part again, at least not for flight simulation. It's not very realistic and will no doubt add to the cost of the stick.
I had a Saitek stick before this one (no force feedback) and that was excellent too.
DEFINITELY get something with a HAT button, this will make looking around your aircraft nice and easy. Lots of buttons is good too because fs2002 lets you assign joystick buttons to the aircraft engine(s), control surfaces etc.. although you can always use your keyboard.
A seperate throttle will give you a more realistic feel too, so you might like to consider that.
You'll probably spend quite a lot of time with your aircraft on autopilot anyway, while you work out where you are and where you need to go, tracking VOR and NDB frequencies talking to ATC etc.. particularly if you join online games, all of which reduces your use of the joystick.

Whichever stick you choose, it will be better than trying to fly using the keyboard.

  Cog Neato 10:18 09 Oct 2003

I don't know if Microsoft still do the Sidewinder but mine is still as good as new and has lasted longer than any other joystick I've had.

  merc. 10:49 09 Oct 2003

thanks for all the replys will study form


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