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  Analopez 08:31 18 Jun 2017


My company bought me last year OCT 16, a new laptop from John Lewis. At the end of March, the power off, i couldn't switch on, so it was sent to back to JH for repair on the 4 of April.

Shortly after we received a call from JH, that it has turned on. But just in case my IT dept decided to leave it with JH for further investigations to understand what was wrong with it. After numerous chasing up, they have finally come back to us on the 01 of June,2 months later saying that the power socket has been damaged and it is not covered under guarantee. If we want it to repair it will cost £900, ( same value as the actual laptop/ tablet). I'm furious, is it legal ?? My purchasing dept, says it's my word against JH as to who has damaged it. How can after 2 months of having the laptop/tablet they are now saying that the power socket has been damaged and it's not under guarantee? Is it legal? Is there anything I can do?. Thanks everybody

  Menzie 17:19 26 Jun 2017

As suggested a local repair shop might be worth a try for a cheaper repair.

One thing I always recommend for business laptops is accidental care. It may add a bit to the total, but if something like this happened it would have been repaired no questions asked.

I remember working in computer sales and having a particular customer come in to buy a laptop, I recommended the accidental care which they said they'd never need.

The next day they came in saying that their cat had ran into the cable and the laptop came crashing off the table. The screen and power connector was smashed as a result.

He was immediately out of pocket.

Anyway, at this point a local repair appears to be the best option. As the IT department didn't fully check when it went out you'd have a very hard time arguing otherwise.

  alanrwood 18:07 26 Jun 2017

That really depends on what the problem actually is. A local repair agent may be able to confirm the diagnosis and repair it if it is just the power socket. If it is a cracked motherboard then this may not be the case.

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