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  cara 22:49 08 Sep 2004

Apologies in advance - as this is not strictly PC related, but could relate to someone applying for any type of employment i.e. IT Sector.

I am trying to research on the internet, for tips on the type of application forms which offer multiple choice answers. The type where every options seems to be an atribute! I.e. "I am the sort of person who...." you have to state the most like and the least like statement which applies to you.

I think this type of questioning has a name? Any tips please!

  Forum Editor 00:28 09 Sep 2004

but I call it profiling. It's a fast way of getting a person to say things about him/herself which he/she might not otherwise have divulged. You're forcing a person into making personal assessments and it can be very revealing. If you follow up the form with an interview, and you know what questions to ask you'll get an extremely good overall picture of a person's character.

Having said all that I don't know of anywhere that will provide you with a template of the type of form you want - although it's not too difficult to come up with a list of suitable questions and options.

  Jarvo 07:44 09 Sep 2004

They are called, type into goggle or yahoo and you will find lots of information on them and practise tests. As for tips be yourself the few I have done have been uncannily accurate, they are usually timed so you don't get time to think about questions, thus giving an honest answer. You have to remember though that an employer will use these tests as only a part of their assessment of you, generally to asses whether your general personal temperament is suited to the job role you have applied for. by doing a search you will find some sites you can practise on good luck.


  cara 17:59 12 Sep 2004

Thank you for replies.

Form is now sent off - so all done and dusted! Thing is, if a certain score is not achieved via the psychometric tests/profile then an interview will be ruled out.

Ah, well we shall see....

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