JL or richer sounds?

  Dalglish2 17:14 22 Apr 2010

I plan to buy a 32" LCD tv and am torn between buying what seems a similar set from richer sounds for £200 less than john lewis.
The RS set is slightly bulkier in depth but seems spec wise similar elsewhere. The jl set is £699 and the rs one £499.
Obviously I get 5 free years of cover with jl but for £48 can get same at rs.
What should I do?

  The Kestrel 17:18 22 Apr 2010

It would help if you gave links to the two TV sets so that a comparison could be made. It may be that the RS set is an older model, especially if it is more bulky than the JL set.

  Dalglish2 17:31 22 Apr 2010

Sorry hear are the links

click here

click here

  Rayuk 18:19 22 Apr 2010

Well at first glance the JL has Freeview HD whereas RS is basic Freeview

  Rayuk 18:24 22 Apr 2010

Aslo JL is wifi ready

  Dalglish2 19:03 22 Apr 2010

Oh well spotted. I think you've told me all I needed to know. Many thanks

  961 19:07 22 Apr 2010

And the JL 5 yr guarantee is gold plated and well worth having

If price really is a factor JL offer KDL32EX403 for £549

The Richer model is an earlier version (which is a great tv at a good price) but the JL models are next generation

If you can stretch to it JL is customer friendly if you have a problem

  Dalglish2 19:31 22 Apr 2010

If price really is a factor JL offer KDL32EX403 for £549

I think the 100hz is worth paying the extra for which seems to be the main difference in the two jl models. I will be sitting approx 6' from the screen not sure if the higher frame rate will be noticably smoother?

  john 52 20:21 22 Apr 2010

Just a suggestion its a good idea to phone round a few John Lewis stores and find out what price it is in that store!!as it may be cheaper in other John lewis stores as they may be price matching a local store in there area and will honour the price if another John lewis store is selling it cheaper ..

Also do not forget that John lewis will price match any UK store that has stock and shelf edge label price as long as its a bricks and mortar store

Hope my ramble makes sense

  Dalglish2 22:39 22 Apr 2010

Perfect sense thank you - good idea.

  interzone55 09:02 23 Apr 2010

Richer Sounds specialise in selling end of line products.

Often the changes in new models are merely cosmetic, so the Richer Sounds kit is generally good value.

But sometimes there are new features in the new models, so it's usually a good idea to have a good delve into the spec sheets to check if it's worth spending the extra for a new product.

For the record, I've bought loads of stuff from Richer Sounds, and sometimes they'll even buy your old stuff back off you when you trade in. They once bought an amp off me for the same as they sold it to me five years earlier...

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