herc182 15:12 02 Sep 2004

Thanks for the advice on the ISP. i totally agree! i didnt have a word to say against Virgin until i tried their customer service (this is the no. that ends in 1118 right?).

In total, i was on hold with them for approximately an hour (a series of phone calls and angry name calling to that tune WHICH I CANNOT GET OUT OF MY HEAD NOW).

I Finally got through to them to get my MAC key and they still couldnt give it to me. the guy put me on hold (again) then spoke to someone and said that he was going to email the adsl team and they will email it to me....ARRRRHHHHHHHHH.

the BT connection product is ADSL IPStream Home 500 i believe (thats what the guy said but who knows!). so if you eventually do find out let me know.....

Plus nets customer service is incredible. worth saying that. i emailed about 5 times last night (not very efficient) and they replied in all cases within the hour (or 30 mins!). impeccable responses.

VIRGIN CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCK INDEED. at least change the tune every now and again....

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