MJL 09:42 17 Oct 2006

Anybody have any experience of purchasing a new car from here? Are they reliable?

  jolorna 10:12 17 Oct 2006

they have been going since 1996

  spuds 10:22 17 Oct 2006

Was this not, or still is something to do with the Branson- Virgin Group?

  Stuartli 10:29 17 Oct 2006

It's now part of the Royal Bank of Scotland group.

  Stuartli 10:38 17 Oct 2006

jamjar.com was founded six years ago by DirectLine (part of RBS), around the same time that Sir Richard Branson launched Virgin Cars.

As far as I'm aware, Virgin Cars eventually bit the dust and its only motoring links now are via the Virgin.net website's motoring section.

  jolorna 11:14 17 Oct 2006

i thought jamjar was started by freeserve or was part of there group

  Diver14 13:00 17 Oct 2006

I am looking at buying a Ford Focus 2.0 TDCI Titanium. It looks like a £4k saving over the RRP. (The biggest discounts seem to be on Fords).

I can't find a better deal anywhere.

Being part of the RBS group SHOULD make them safe to deal with (with crossed fingers!!)

Like you I'm still checking around to see if there are any hidden nasties!!

  Stuartli 13:52 17 Oct 2006
  jolorna 14:53 17 Oct 2006

if you look in companies house it was started in 1996 click here and if i remeber right it was freeserve either owened it or cars were sold through them

  Stuartli 15:04 17 Oct 2006

I'm not doubting the information, merely pointing out that DirectLine was stated to have introduced it online in July 2000 according to news stories at the time.

According to your link the name change from DirectLine E-Commerce Ltd to JamJar.Com Ltd was 07/03/2002.

Whether the (original?) business actually functioned from 1996 seems to be unclear, although I do remember its advertisements in motoring magazines some years back.

  MJL 17:15 17 Oct 2006


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