Jal computers after sales treatment

  formiguelito 18:51 22 Dec 2005

I also have issues with JAL. I purchased a pc package from them in May 05. I had to go back the next day to have a card reader installed which was forgotten when built. It was fitted within 1/2 an hour. No problem I thought. I have since returned the tower for repair three times within 6 months because windows keeps crashing and the pc wouldn't power up. The first 2 times they re-installed windows and initially it worked ok for a couple of weeks. After the last repair it continually freezes up during most functions. I returned with the whole package (tower, tft printer etc) within 6 months to ask for my money back. They weren't interested but would repair it as many times as necessary even though their guarantee doesn't cover software(Small print of course). How many times do I have to return before I can have my money back I asked. You can't have a refund the "helpful" manager replied. I asked to speak to Mr Everall the director but of course he wasn't available. I left the tower at JAL so that they could perform a repair if at all. That is the last contact I have had with them ( 2 months ago).They have not replied to any letters which I sent after consulting "trading standards". I am completely disgusted by the lack of customer service from JAL computers as well as the poor quality of product. I am now hoping the small claims court can succeed where I have failed . Any other suggestions would be appreciated

  sadwithjal 23:56 24 Dec 2005

They have been unable to get the parts for my system despite they have £1200 of my money. They have agreed to refund my money but I have not seen a penny yet. Mr Everall and Mr Watson are now conpletely unobtainable so I've put it in the hands of my CC company.

  benwil 20:21 26 Dec 2005

i am sorry to hear that you have had problems, myself had a hard drive fail one month after guarantee lapsed. spoke to them over several days trying to repair by self but they said bring it in. repaired free of charge. excellent service.

  Schwin 18:35 13 Jan 2006

I bought a computer from jal at £999 in mid october of last year, i was promised a delivery in early november and i took the day off work and waited all day i finally called them and they said it was delayed by a week due to a lack of monitors. I waited and once again promised a delivery date and it never came. i waited another month and a half and nothing arrived with no one phoning me ever informing me and after extensive calls the manager was always in a meeting and never able to comment. On the 6th of december i asked for my money back, they told me i would get the money back in a week, a week came and went, from this day i am still waiting for my money. My bank has now taken on the project. All i can say IS NEVER BUY A COMPUTER FROM JAL PLEASE.

  uwais 11:40 24 Jan 2006

My uncle and aunt ordered a computer for £500 from JAL early October with a four week delivery notice. Four weeks turned into eight weeks and mid November they were STILL waiting. So they cancelled the contract and JAL said they'll give them their money back. But they aren't doing so. I've taken up their case on their behalf. JAL won't put through my calls. I've contacted the government agency Consumer Direct and Trading Standards. I'll get my money back even if it means the Small Claims Court. JAL can't get away with treating people like ****!

  Benjyman 16:01 07 Mar 2006

Ahaa so I'm not the only one...

I've wasted too much time on this already so instead I've just pasted below an email I sent to their manager Steve. Needless to say I'm still waiting for my money.

Something has to be done about this. If there's anyone else still waiting, how about we club together to take them to a small claims court or report them to Watchdog or something?


Here's my story...

Dear Steve,

I placed the above order on 11th November 2005 and, looking at my records, £647 went out of my account on 14th November 2005. The PC was going to be a gift for my Mother for which I had saved up for several months. I own a JAL computer myself and I like it so I naturally returned to JAL when it came to buying this gift and I was confident that you’d be able to get the PC to me by Christmas.

What proceeded was nothing short of farcical! During November I heard nothing from JAL and to subsequent email enquiries all I received were replies like “I am still unable to give you a definate delivery date for this”. This continued without explanation until February 2006 when we finally decided we could wait no longer and cancelled the order. But it didn’t stop there! Now there have been completely unacceptable delays in reimbursing me. It is now 27th February and, after numerous phone calls, I still have not been repaid, that’s three and a half months since you first took my money! According to my phone bill, I’ve now made 31 phone calls on this matter which has been both time-consuming and expensive. I do not want to have to continue with this any longer.

I am told that in standard procedure, it can take up to 28 days for refunds to come through. This in itself I don’t understand (I’ve never known a company be so slow for it only takes minutes to process such refunds) but even so, mine is not a standard case! I didn’t change my mind and ask for a refund, JAL completely failed to produce my order, forcing me to cancel it.

The worst of it all is that, not only did you fail to produce the goods but in retaining my money, you are now preventing us ordering a computer from another company. This is clearly utterly ridiculous!

The very least I expect is my money back is a matter of utmost urgency

Yours sincerely

Ben Hope

  Al94 17:32 07 Mar 2006

Hopefully you paid by credit card Benjyman - if so get on to the C C company without further delay to get your money back. You cannot "club together" to take a company to Small Claims, each claim is individual. Going to Watchdog at this stage is unlikely to add anything to you getting a refund. If you paid any other way, write to the company cancelling your order giving them 28 days to refund your money, keep a copy of the letter, first class post is sufficient.

  Colin 12:57 08 Mar 2006

I drive past their Stoke on Trent office on the way home from work. Their customer services vehicle is a J reg Sierra estate - perhaps that tells you something about the company?

  sadwithjal 14:12 22 Mar 2006

After placing my order in October I have now got my money back from my credit card. I had to wait the full 60 days as JAL made absolutely no response to my CC companies enquiries. i assume the CC company now goes to the small claims court but the amount of heart ache it has caused me I would rather not think about it any more.

  Stuartli 16:51 22 Mar 2006

>>i assume the CC company now goes to the small claims court>>

You jest, of course..:-)

  Al94 18:36 22 Mar 2006

It is possible the credit card company have an indemnity in place re JAL from a bank or insurance company.

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