JAL Computers

  onokeck 00:16 28 Feb 2005

Ref my threads of 27/11/04 and 23/12/04.
My system has been in constant use now since received. You will be pleased to know I am STILL very happy with the set-up and have experienced no problems whatsoever. Why on earth can't folks turn to these lesser known companies and try their goods? Sure, it's a risk but as has been shown in my case it was worth the risk. Lord,if only I had a pound for every call to HP and Evesham tech support in the past ------I've called Jal ONCE! And it was because of my own stupidity. Money well spent - try'em ; you'll like'em. Casey

  Stuartli 12:51 28 Feb 2005

Many of the smaller businesses have built up an excellent reputation through old fashioned after sales service and attention.

Sam for the independent TV/audio/appliances outlets in comparison with the big high street retailers.

  Starfox 16:03 28 Feb 2005

Depends what you mean by lesser known,I know this will cause some consternation on the forum but who can you trust to get it right.The big boys just seem to want to take your money,send you a pc of some description and then don't want to hear from you again(unless they can get £1 per minute out of you).

As for independant small retailers I'm afrid I just cannot trust them.In the town where I live there have been at least 6 of these independants,all of which have now gone to the wall and 2 of them just took peoples money up front and then did a runner (Big case in local paper)and one of these retailers was a so called friend of mine (ex friend that is).

As Gandalf pointed out in one of his postings recently "Pc companies are the new double glazing sharks"

I am in the market for a new Pc right now and I just don't know which route to take,I am prepared to pay well for a good top of the range pc but where from? I have thought of building my own but I don't think I have enough courage to try that,although I have upgraded a few pc's in my time.

Anyone know the answer?

  petermontague 19:36 28 Feb 2005

I know what you mean about lacking the courage to build your own, but after my recent (still unresolved )problems with Evesham and reading the other postings in these forums I think you need even more courage to buy from a retailer.

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