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  kainos 17:37 29 Oct 2005

Does anyone have any experience, good or bad, with iYogi who offer a PC Technical support service please.

  kainos 17:13 08 Nov 2005


  GaT7 18:17 08 Nov 2005

kainos, I'm assuming they have a website. Please provide a link to it if they do. G

  wee eddie 00:21 09 Nov 2005

This is it

click here

What have they got that we haven't!

  GaT7 01:15 09 Nov 2005

For starters it's subscription-based support click here, so not free. G

  kainos 17:25 09 Nov 2005

Thanks to both of you for response. Yes I know that it is sub-based, and I'm sure they haven't got what you've got wee eddie but as Computer Active seem to backing it, and as a subscriber to CA 3 months sub is offered free, I wondered if there might be any mileage in it. For instance I have constant problems with being cut off (dial-up) after using MailWasher, Outlook Express not recognising my password; this machine takes about 4 minutes to boot up and to close down. In other words a number of niggles which I am sure would try even your patience on this forum.
I just wondered if anyone had any experience of it.

  GaT7 17:52 09 Nov 2005

Fair points kainos. May be worth a try for 3 months to see what it's like. You'll only be spending £20 anyhow & receive around 6 issues of Computer Active (remember to cancel any recurring payments in time).

I like this bit about it - "Unlike a per-incident/minute based plan, we will fix any problem on any of the supported platforms, no matter how long it takes or how many incidents" - but only someone who's tried them will know if they really stick to it.

Note that if they cannot solve your problems they'll (probably) eventually tell you to reinstall the OS & start from scratch, which even you know would solve many problems.

Could you tell us your system specs & OS please? Not so long ago, I used to have a 5min startup time when using Win98se & a 600Mhz CPU, though shutdown was only 20-30 secs. G

  kainos 17:51 10 Nov 2005

Crossbow - thanks for further response -
System is AMD Athlon 2000+, 1.67 GHz; with 1024RAM. XP Home with SP2.
I use Zone Alarm and Avast anti-virus.
I used to have Norton 2004 anti-virus but from comments on this forum I thought it possible that this was what was slowing things down so uninstalled and put on the Avast.However this did not seem to make any difference.
I run Spybot, AdAware and the Microsoft beta.
I run disk clean up and
I check need for defrag fairly regularly but it usually tells me that a defrag is not necessary.

  GaT7 18:36 10 Nov 2005

For the spec boot up is a bit on the slow side. My specs are similar to yours (2800+ & XP Pro) & it boots in 70-80 secs. I use AVG & Windows own firewall.

I used Norton Internet Security (NIS2003) in the past with Win98se. Changing antivirus to AVG really helped speed up the system - the antivirus component of NIS2003 was the main culprit.

Unnecessary items in startup may be causing your slow boots. What do you have starting up? Start>Run, type msconfig & press OK. Click on the Startup tab. G

  GaT7 20:08 14 Nov 2005

A similar service, myhelpline, recommended by bibo1465 recently at click here. The direct link is click here. G

  kainos 15:01 15 Nov 2005

Thanks for the link Crossbow. I am afraid £100 pa is a little steep for telephone support and it does seem to be a little limited in scope. However bibo1465 seems to be just slightly pleased with them so it's probably just me.
I have now accepted the iYogi offer of one month free and will report back on how they've been after the trial.
Thanks again for all your responses.

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