I've Spotted a Typo! (i think)

  powerless 21:16 12 Aug 2003

click here On the left up at the top "Tips & Tricks 5"

click here On the left up at the top "Tips & Tricks 4"

Every other link up at the top has a 5.

Argos Gift Vouchers will be fine.

  powerless 21:30 12 Aug 2003

click here the "links" hyperlinky thingy appears on the above page up at the top.

On other pages from the the hyperlinkys up at the top it does not appear.

Also the "WebDesign" hyperlinky is also missing.

  powerless 21:32 12 Aug 2003

...and yes it's not the end of the world.


  christmascracker 21:54 12 Aug 2003

Very observant of you Powerless ;-)

  Stuartli 22:15 12 Aug 2003

Actually the correct word is not typo but literal (at least in the case of the newspaper industry)..:-)

  powerless 22:19 12 Aug 2003

ok, oh well.

  Djohn 22:40 12 Aug 2003

Err, mine don't, they look ok? :o(

  powerless 22:42 12 Aug 2003

Look again sir.

I tell you there is a 4 and a 5.

There is also a no webdesighn link, but there is a links link.

click here Look at the top.

  Djohn 23:06 12 Aug 2003

Now I understand! Reading your first post, I thought you were saying, [Every other link up at the top has a 5.] So I was looing for the number 5 on "Every other "link" button, same page" :o(

Must be the weather! Thats my exscuse anyway. ;o)

  snoresloudly 14:10 13 Aug 2003

And you do what all day??? :>)))))

me thinks a stroll in the sun should do the trick.

  Ben Avery 14:31 13 Aug 2003

could it be that the page you have given the "abnormal" links to, is actually a link to an archived PC Advisor page whereby there was no "WebDesign" forum, Tip & Tricks was still in stage 4 and before "links" page was removed???

If you actually check out the wed address for that link you will see it is not at the same domain. It has changed from click here... to an ftp address

Damn my logic!


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