I've now discovered the WOW!!

  LastChip 22:10 18 Feb 2007

Some of you regular readers will know I've been a great believer in Linux of many flavours and more recently, Kubuntu in particular.

Kubuntu has been more than I could have hoped for. It's totally stable, reliable and an absolute pleasure to use. Even when I've tried something diabolicale, it's just shrugged it's shoulders, told me I was being silly and let me get on with using the computer. The worst thing that's happened so far, is somehow when experimenting with the Open Office (OO) data base I managed to crash OO. Kubuntu asked me to send a bug report and away we went again; no reboots or running checkdisk, just carry on as though nothing had happened!

So where's the WOW come from? Well appart from the preceding, I've discovered Beryl (and she's gorgeous!)

No, I promise you, my wife has no reason to be concerned. Beryl is an OpenGL accelerated desktop, that gives you "bleeding edge" desktop technology right in front of you at home. Rather than me waffle on about all the things it can do, click here for some screen shots of just a few of it's capabilities.

How much has all this cost me? Just a little fun time learning how to install and use it.

Whenever anyone sees my machine now, I truly do get WOW, where did you get that?

  Input Overload 23:03 18 Feb 2007

I must have a play with that!

  Spark6 10:27 19 Feb 2007

For the record, must try it!

  Bandy 12:17 19 Feb 2007

Last Chip

I agree. I put it on my gandaughters computer a fortnight ago and she's "over the moon", partly because she has something her friends haven't, and partly because she thinks its so cool.

Grandad is not as daft as he looks now.

  dth 12:40 19 Feb 2007

Must agree Beryl is pretty impressive. Saw a great quote in a p/c magazine last week something like 'beryl makes the mac tiger look like win 3.1'.

  Kate B 12:53 19 Feb 2007

All Beryl's tricks are available in either Mac OS X or Vista. Nice to have something that makes Linux look less dour, but I'm surprised at the Linux geeks embracing something stolen from the Apple and Microsoft OSs.

  LastChip 13:42 19 Feb 2007

Vista can't come close to what Beryl can achieve, or even Apple, but Apple's closer.

Further, Beryl was "forked from Compiz which was around well before Vista was released.

That's one of the reasons I refrained from mentioning Vista in my opening post. I didn't want to get into a "my operating system is better than yours" debate. Anyone who has compared the two side-by-side on the same machine (as I have), will see Vista doesn't compare. Frankly by comparison, it's a poor third.

The boots rather on the other foot!

As always, Microsoft finds things out in the wild (admitted by one of their executives recently) and incorporates it into Windows attempting to trick the world into believing it's their exclusive scoop.

The bottom line is, nothing is exclusive to anyone any more, but still most of the innovation comes from open source programmers worldwide. Many of those very same programmers will also have paid jobs in proprietary fields.

No longer think free open source = second best, but much closer free open source = bleeding edge technology and as a well regarded technical writer, perhaps you should look a little closer at just what is available.

  silverous 13:46 19 Feb 2007

I haven't installed/tried it but there's nothing about the screenshots/features that tempt me from Vista to it. I suggest it isn't likely to bring Microsoft down any time soon.

If you are a Linux person then this is probably a welcome thing but if you are a Windows / average home user the you are likely to be far better off with Vista IMHO.

  [email protected] 23:41 19 Feb 2007

I've been trying a few Linux distros this week actually and the only 'Wow' I've experienced is "Wow! How can on make it so painfully difficult to install a program within an OS?"

Perhaps things would be much simpler once you got over the learing curve but a few days with Linux pushed my patience over the edge and I'm now back in the fimiliar teritory of Microsoft.

One of the distros I tried was Ubuntu but I gave up after receiving an error along the lines of "failed to start X-Server therefore no GUI available"

  Forum Editor 23:58 19 Feb 2007

I have machines running Vista, and I have one PowerMac G5 running Tiger. Beryl is great, but I can't find one thing it can actually do in a computing sense that I can't do in Vista and/or Tiger. We are talking about the same things here, aren't we? Vista is a superb operating system, and Beryl is simply a desktop - style, certainly, but not substance in the Vista sense.

I certainly can't see any justification for saying "Anyone who has compared the two side-by-side on the same machine (as I have), will see Vista doesn't compare. Frankly by comparison, it's a poor third."

Computing isn't all about looks, surely?

  Kate B 00:02 20 Feb 2007

I'm far from snooty about open source; it's just a pity that the fanboys for Linux are so utterly snooty about Microsoft and Apple. Beryl looks very pretty but you can get all the features as far as I can see from the website in Vista or Tiger. And yes, I have a PC running Vista and a laptop running Tiger so I'm pretty familiar with both operating systems.

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