Ive got probs with Carrera too, can anyone advise?

  Morphy 10:17 05 Nov 2004

I ordered a PC from Carrera about 2 years ago, up to now have had no problems. About a month ago, went to switch on, nothing- PC was dead, as if it wasnt plugged into the mains.
Checked all cables etc, and in doing so, noticed a burning smell coming from the PSU, so figured it must be shot. PC was still under 4yr RTB warranty, so phoned Carrera up, no problem, they can fix it, collected it no prob. Remember, this is about a month ago...

Been badgering them since then, got usual responses, heavy workload at the moment, its fixed now, just waiting to be tested etc.

Then yesterday they called with extremely bad news. They had replaced the PSU, but the new one blew as well. Therefore they tried replacing the motherboard as well, and BOOM! the hard drive blows up, literally in flames.

So basically, Ive lost everything on it, including the website Ive been working on for my business for the last 5 months (nearing completion) and my only option is to start from scratch with a new installation.

Carrera have offered to get my PC to me, fixed with a fresh installation, hopefully for the weekend, (believe that when I see it) but where exactly do I stand? Obviously I cant get anything back (in the way of files etc) but can I claim against them for anything?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

  Jdoki 10:43 05 Nov 2004

The time it has taken to get your machine fixed is unacceptable, but the more important issue is your loss of data.

Unfortunately I doubt you have an legal standing. If it was critical it should have been backed up. But hindsight is always a great thing.

I'm certainly no expert on this, but I would ask that the drive that was 'literally in flames' be returned as well. It would also be nice to see a report on exactly what happened.

In many years of working in the IT industry I have never seen (or heard) of a hard drive bursting in to flames - or any other component other than a PSU for that matter. It just sounds odd to me.

If the data is really critical to you there are companies that specialise in retrieving info from corrupt hard drives - it's not cheap though.

  spuds 11:06 05 Nov 2004

Backing-up data is discussed on this forum at very regular intervals, and for any special projects it is a must to back up to spare copies.But saying that, it is always the case that this doesn't happen until a disaster strikes. The repairer will not be responsible for data loss, and this is usually mentioned in their terms and conditions.Retrieval could be possible, if damage as occurred, but as Jdoki as stated "it doesn't come cheap".

The main problem know is to get a fully guaranteed working computer returned.And if what you say the original machine as extensive fire damage, then I would be seeking another 'new build' from Carrera, without further delays.Here are some of your consumer rights click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:11 05 Nov 2004

It is your sole responsibility to ensure that you have backed up any information that you need. People usually learn the hard way. Data recovery companies will charge £1500 upwards for grabbing data from an AWOL drive.......an external HD costs around £100.


  Morphy 11:22 05 Nov 2004

Under the RTB warranty, I am liable for costs for parts and courier pickup, and Carrera pay for labour and sending it back to me.

Am I correct in thinking that, in this case, since the PC was in their care when the fire took place, they are liable for costs for the new build? I know the PC spec will be the same, but Im damned if Im gonna pay for what is essentially an old(er) PC when it was their fault it got trashed. Or is this just wishful thinking?

  no-name 15:36 05 Nov 2004

Morphy whilst in their custody the PC is Carreras responsibility, and in any case was being repaired under your 4yr RTB warranty.

  Forum Editor 00:42 06 Nov 2004

to receive your computer back in full working order......but nothing more. The fact that the data on your hard drive has been lost is obviously a big disappointment, but Carrera has no liability to you for that, and you can make no claim for compensation - protecting your data files is your responsibility. You obviously don't need me to confirm that to work on a project for five months without making a single backup is a very risky procedure indeed - you've found that out the hard way.

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