iTunes-alike Service

  User-DC593ADF-8DFC-41A0-B9DA42213177CA53 12:56 15 Aug 2003

I've just read this article - what a rip-off.

Why would I want to pay £7.99 to download an album, when I can buy the 'real thing' complete with case/artwork for £8.99 from CD-WoW inc. P&P.

As recent polls have shown, pricing and the lack of quality artists is the main problem.

I'm happy to pay £8.99 for an album, but not the inflated prices found in the shops.

It especially annoys me when 30-40 year old music like Beatles albums are priced around £15.99!

  Paperback Writer 13:58 15 Aug 2003

The Beatles are the best around though, hence the high price.

  medicine hat 14:08 15 Aug 2003

Save a pound and get the album as quickly as it takes to download or spend the extra to wait several days for a nice cd box. You pays your money and takes your choice.

Back at the height of filesharing there were sites that would allow you to download the cd artwork so you could make up the case yourself. Can't find any of those sites now. Perhaps this will become popular again.

Point taken medicine hat, but I've never been in that much of a hurry to get an album.

I just feel that £7.99 is too much, £5-£6 would be more reasonable. were very good for artwork, but now, they too have been shut down by the RIAA with regards to album covers.

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