[DELETED] 15:45 08 Nov 2003

why the heck do we over here have to wait till last before we get what the states can have now, i am on about iTunes from apple which they say we might get next year...i suppose the likes of cretins blair and brown are working out how they will get their share of the proceeds...and no doubt we will pay more than the rest of the world.

  [DELETED] 17:22 08 Nov 2003

There are plenty of other 'pay-as-you-download' sites, Virgin Tiscali and Freeserve to name three. Cannot understand the rise in blood pressure, ho-hum.


  bremner 18:23 08 Nov 2003

As Gandalf says

Try this click here

With Virgin 60p per track, thousands to choose from, no need to wait for iTunes

  [DELETED] 18:45 08 Nov 2003

oh dear, I think i might have leaped before looking......story of my life :-)

thanks all....

  [DELETED] 20:38 08 Nov 2003

I take it you are talking about the 'downloading of music' feature of iTunes and not the software itself (which is available and highly recommended). Personally, I wouldn't pay to download music. I'd rather have the CD.

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