It's time for a reminder........

  Forum Editor 00:50 05 Oct 2006


1. We do not allow threads which invite other forum users to 'Name and shame' suppliers.

2. We do not permit posts which tell other forum users to "avoid company X like the plague".

This forum is here so that individuals can receive help and/or advice about specific problems with specific suppliers, and seek advice or help with regard to intended hardware/software purchases.

We're not here to play host to vendettas, or to engage in campaigns against specific companies, and if that's what you want to do, there are other forums who are not so particular about what's said in their threads.

We believe in helping people, and we have no problem with anyone who wants to post details of a bad experience with a supplier. If we can help we will, we'll go to considerable lengths to make sure that you get the best advice possible, but we expect everyone to understand that encouraging others to boycott a company because of a personal bad experience is simply not on. There's nothing wrong with telling us you'll avoid the company in future, but allow others to make up their own minds.

If you have a grievance say so, but keep to the facts, and avoid being tempted to use our threads as a means of seeking revenge. That isn't the purpose of this forum at all. There are ample safeguards for consumers in UK law, and a properly-conducted thread is far more likely to end in a successful resolution.

Thanks for your cooperation.

  recap 12:53 05 Oct 2006


  dms05 13:19 05 Oct 2006

Well said FE.

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