It's time

  Forum Editor 00:21 09 Nov 2004

for another reminder about green ticks.Boring I know, but important nevertheless.
The idea is that when your problem has been solved you should let everyone know by applying the green tick to your thread. You'll find the option to do this at the bottom right of your thread's page. It helps everyone to know which threads are still 'live' and in need of help, so they don't have to take up valuable time visiting threads where the problem's been resolved.

So, do your best to remember to tick your thread, it only takes a second or two, and if you have time to tell us which bit of advice did the trick, that would be great.

  Rigga 08:31 09 Nov 2004

Just a suggestion. Below the Logged in as: ?????, and Logged in ???? times. Why not put a Unresolved Threads ????? in red bold? To show people they have unresolved threads they started

I know sometimes that people just forget to tick them resolved. And a figure of how many threads you have started that you have left unresolved would be useful.


  v1asco 09:03 09 Nov 2004

if like I did and posted in the wrong forum, is there a way to cancel that thread?

Good suggestion from Rigga.


  anchor 09:37 09 Nov 2004

Good point FE. I would like to add that members be reminded to post the solution to the problem.

Sometimes various methods are suggested, but we don`t get to know which solved their difficulty. We all learn that way.

  spuds 10:51 09 Nov 2004

Sometimes people green tick after the first response, with no further feedback to the forum, which doesn't really solve the problem for other would be seekers.I realise that some people do this instant green tick to stop response emails, but there are other methods available at the initial sending stage.

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