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  Legolas 18:59 12 Jan 2011

Hi I wonder if someone could give me some advice. On the 6th of December I ordered a pair of Yaktrax Pro Ice Grips from a company in Southern Ireland. I paid extra for quick delivery. Due to the adverse weather deliveries were held up, no problem I can accept that. I received an email saying that all orders had been sent by the 18th December. I have still not received anything and despite half a dozen polite emails inquiring as to the state of this order I have heard nothing. I have tried phoning but it is just an answerphone. Can anyone tell me where I can go from hear regarding this issue.

  spuds 19:22 12 Jan 2011

If you paid by credit card, then contact the card provider. You might need to do a chargeback or a claim under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

You could also contact Consumer Direct click here who should have contact details regarding sellers in other EU countries, and how to make a complaint.

  Legolas 19:34 12 Jan 2011

Thanks spuds that sounds like a couple of avenues I can explore.

  Legolas 19:40 12 Jan 2011

After having a quick look at section 75 it only applies if the item cost more than £100, this item didn't.

  morddwyd 20:07 12 Jan 2011

Unless there are reciprocal arrangements Section 75, or any other section, of the Consumer Credit Act would not apply in Ireland.

As suggested, you should be looking at EU consumer protection legislation.

  Miké 20:15 12 Jan 2011

Have a look here click here re. Chargeback.

  Spark6 20:41 12 Jan 2011

The name of the company might help re contact details!

  Legolas 20:59 12 Jan 2011

I can contact the company and have done on a number of occasions, the problem is they fail to respond.

Mike and spuds: chargeback looks promising, but how do you prove you have not received an item through the post?

  Spark6 23:30 12 Jan 2011

I appreciate that you have 'the contact details', but to me those details are insufficient as you already know. What is the name of the company and how did you get to know of them? Was the payment to them made through a secure system?

At the very least, if we are unable to help you, knowing the company details will surely help some one avoid your dilemma.

  Forum Editor 23:44 12 Jan 2011

Moving it from Speakers Corner now.

  Forum Editor 23:58 12 Jan 2011

must be to contact the company by letter, and tell them that you haven't received the goods. If you try to initiate the chargeback procedure your card provider will expect you to provide evidence of breach of contract, and your letter to the supplier will help in that respect.

Send your letter by airmail to the republic - Royal Mail special delivery and recorded delivery services don't apply to Southern Ireland, and the Airsure service is expensive.

On your letter tell the company that the goods have not arrived, and that you are about to initiate a chargeback procedure in respect of the money paid.

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