Jimmy14 16:33 01 Aug 2006

Has anyone came across this company or used it for buying products, the reason being I am thinking of buying an Acer Warranty Extended Servic Agreement from them. Price Runner suggests that they are the cheapest online for it.

All comments welcomed.

  Woolwell 17:13 01 Aug 2006

it247's site is under maintenance and very slooooow! I couldn't check if a warranty is available on a product bought elsewhere - would be surprised if it did.

Have you had a look at Acer's own extended warranties?
click here
click here;jsessionid=1544cf7ce701a7d/shopdata/Accessories/Accessories/Warranties/product_overview.shopscript

Is this on a laptop or desktop?

  Woolwell 17:14 01 Aug 2006

oops second click here didn't work

click here;jsessionid=1544cf7ce701a7d/shopdata/Accessories/Accessories/Warranties/product_overview.shopscript

  Woolwell 17:15 01 Aug 2006

Try this!:

click here

  Jimmy14 17:44 01 Aug 2006

I have been on the acer notebooks website and shop acer and was going to buy it from there but I ran a search on price runner and found to be the cheapest at £35 and shop acer £59.95. I have a acer aspire 1690 series laptop. I wanted the higher warranty upgrade but when on the phone to shop acer today I realised I had to buy the accidental damage option warranty within 3 months of purchasing my laptop when I bought mines in December 05 so now my only option is the 3 year cheaper parts and labour warranty. By the way if I take out the 3 year extended warranty does that start after my 1 year I get with my laptop or does it include this year and the 2 years that follow to make up the 3.

Thanks James

  Jimmy14 17:50 01 Aug 2006

I am just after trying and it seems fine with no maintenance going on. Also in my previous post I meant to say that I was on the phone to acernotebooks not Shop Acer as Shop Acers extended warranty prices are more expensive than acer notebooks. I will show you what I mean here.
click here
Link above- £59.95 for basic warranty which I need to buy because I never registered within 3 months of laptop purchase. Shop Acers price for the exact same warranty is £69.33. Then I ran price runner and found this for the exact same product as Shopacers and acernotebooks,
click here
click here

  Woolwell 20:11 01 Aug 2006 website is still a bit slow for me but it carries a banner on their homepage apologising for maintenance.
The warranty appears to be with Acer. I am fairly certain that Acer's are repaired in UK by a firm called Esplex on the edge of Plymouth.

  Jimmy14 14:15 02 Aug 2006

thanks, anymore info welcomed from people who have dealt with this company

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