Is it worth paying for a higher res screen?

  dumbdown 10:29 19 May 2006

I'm just at the point of ordering a Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop but am dithering over wether to pay out the extra £105 for a higher res screen (1680x1050 with TrueLife™) as aposed to the basic 1280x800 one.
Has anyone seen both? Is the basic one fairly reasonable?
Comments on the choice of laptop would also be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

  DieSse 15:03 19 May 2006

I had a friend buy one of this with the high res screen just a few weeks ago. I went to set it up and trnsfer data from his old system.

The high res screen was extraordinarily clear, compared with my standard 19" normal res desktop screen.

Is it worth the extra - who can say?

  ade.h 17:05 19 May 2006

I find 1280x800 to be perfectly acceptable on a 15.4" (you don't state the size of the screen to which you refer, so I'll go by my screen sizes) but 1600x1050 is a little too small for a 15.4". Text is just a bit too marginal and smaller click zones require more accuracy. Think of it as adding almost a third more pixels into the same space and you can imagine that it is a bit too big a jump. I like max screen space and need as much as possible for my work, but within reason. For my desktop, I use a 2000 pixel widescreen and that is fantastic - a similar size/pixel ratio to the 15.4" but with masses of desk space. No need for dual monitors!

As a rule, you should find a screen that you are comfortable with, assess its size/pixel ratio and then look for other screens that have much the same ratio. That way, the actual content will look similar.

  dumbdown 17:45 19 May 2006

Really helpfull replies - thanks. It is a 15.4" I'm looking to buy and I take your point about the need for more accuracy.

  bfoc 22:02 19 May 2006

Dell laptop which is just over 2 years old. I got a higher res 15.4 screen (1920 x 1200) and I find it really good.

I don't know how it would compare with yours though.

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