Is It Worth Buying Asus C100PA?

  HZ128 16:08 05 Apr 2017

I'm considering buying the aforementioned chromebook. I saw it was a solid prodyct and has proved popukar with many a people. However, with it being almost 2 years old I was wondering whether it was still worth buying. It is not to be used for any labour intendive tasks and will be a second machine to my computer. Is anyone currently using one of these who could shed some light on this situation?

  wee eddie 16:20 05 Apr 2017

As a Chromebook, it will not be able to run any Windows Software

However there is plenty of Google Software available and it's good for email

You know that it really needs to be on-line to get the best out of it

  HZ128 18:06 05 Apr 2017

Having originally been very skeptical about the idea of a chromebook due to that reason inparticular, the addition of android apps is what has been drawing me in recently. Certainly I know that not being online will restrict the services available, however the majority of the time I will be online and when not I will either not be using the device or I shall be hsing it to watch films to which I have downloaded to it. My main concern with the purchase would be whether or not it will stay up to date with it approaching 2 years old.

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