Is It Worth Asking?

  babybell 15:37 04 Dec 2008

I took out a Broadband package with Telewest (Now Virgin Media) about 7 years ago and I am currently using the original software and hardware that they supplied when I signed up. I've noticed that I am suffering a higher rate of drop outs and connection issues this last year and was wondering if it could be down to the old equipment and software. If I were to ring up Virgin Media and ask for a new modem and software CD to be supplied, what do you think my chances are of getting a new modem sent through? I may have to consider switching suppliers if they dont agree to it.

  Pamy 15:54 04 Dec 2008

How do you know its down to old stuff?

Why not tell them your problems and see what they offer?

  babybell 16:17 04 Dec 2008

I know someone who had the same problem and they were told it was because the modem wasnt built to handle the kind of speeds that modern broadband has to offer.

  Pine Man 16:27 04 Dec 2008

There is certainly some truth in that. Can't do any harm to ask.

  wiz-king 16:42 04 Dec 2008

Are you on cable or phone line?

If you are on cable then a replaced modem will probably sort you out, it did solve mos of my problems a couple of weeks ago. Speed when up to over 10meg from about 5 to 6meg.

  babybell 16:44 04 Dec 2008

I'm on a cable connection. I will ring them later and ask what they can do and i'll let you know how I get on. Cheers guys

  [email protected] 19:50 04 Dec 2008

I would recommend not installing their software and using the ethernet port of the modem rather than the USB port. You will generally get a more stable connection.

  daveeb 10:41 05 Dec 2008

I'm guessing you're still using one of the old Pace modems which just don't cut it with the modern speed packages. Ideally you should have a dedicated modem and separate (preferably Samsung) set top box, assuming you have the TV services also.

I'd agree with [email protected] also that ethernet is far more stable than USB and you don't need to install their software, it can often cause problems rather than solve them.

  dagnammit 11:04 05 Dec 2008

What package are you on?

They should not have a problem sending you out a new modem. If you're on a decent package I'd mention about folk getting free wireless routers and money off their package too.

A colleague called up about his callerID was meant to be free and they charged him for it. Apparently the agent said "please hold and I'll pass you to retentions" before he could explain himself fully....

Anyway they refunded his callerID charge and also scrapped his £5 per month for his v+ service for looyalty.

  spuds 11:36 05 Dec 2008

I always believe in asking, because if you do not ask, you usually do not get.

I had a similar problem of disconnection and failing service with Tiscali, my service provider. After asking and slightly complaining, Tiscali provided a free replacement for the old Thomson/Alcetal modem, for a new wireless router and other improvements to the service line.More than happy now, with no more disconnections and slightly better higher speeds.

  ROYSTERO 12:10 05 Dec 2008

My modem is a ancient ntl one.
Had problems last night and had to unplug it for a couple of minutes to get it working again.Have just phoned Virgin and a new one is on the way.

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