Is it time I changed from IE8 to IE9?

  Pepper9 14:30 16 Dec 2011

I have W7 and wonder if it is now OK to update to !E9? I had heard earlier that it was best to stay with IE8 but as time has gone on maybe IE9 has stabalised?

  Pepper9 16:25 16 Dec 2011

Have just read the Microsoft are going to "silently" update all IE in the New Year. So might as well do it now!

  john bunyan 18:11 16 Dec 2011

I have had no problems with IE9 - why not update?

  rdave13 20:21 16 Dec 2011

Personally I think IE9 is Microsoft's best browser to date.

  john bunyan 09:44 17 Dec 2011

butemanThe artice states that IE8 use is greater than IE9, but does not comment on quality - a bit like saying that XP outranks W7. I have found it quite ok to go along with updates like IE9, but I do not rush into beta releases like W8. I still do not know what is "wrong" with IE9, and why some prefer IE8.

  Pepper9 17:22 17 Dec 2011

Thanks all for your comments. I have gone for IE9 and am still getting used to the new layout. Will see how things go.

  rdave13 19:26 17 Dec 2011

buteman, have a look here.

I've changed it to 10 seconds and now no more annoying pop-up.

  Condom 21:03 17 Dec 2011

I have been with IE9 for some time and I have no problems downloading statements or anything else from my banks. OK I still preferred the look of the older IE8 but I understand that getting IE9 to look like IE 8 is not a big problem should anyone wish to do so. I aslo use Firefox but that seems to be getting steadily worse as has been commented upon in many places not just in PCA. I also have Chrome but seldom use it as again it looks different to what I am used to although it does appear to work well and quickly.

I'm glad that Microsoft has gone down this route and my only wish is that they make a better job of it than they do with Windows Live, especially Messenger Live.

  rdave13 21:16 17 Dec 2011


Funny old world but the Windows Live feature is also an improvement for me. Mail and Messenger working well. Like everything else if it works then OK. If not then some settings or corrupt installation perhaps to blame.

  rdave13 23:22 17 Dec 2011

buteman, remember the decimal point? Brought in, in our time at school, I think?

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