Is it just mesh 64 that has sp2 problem

  gum 13:47 04 Oct 2004

I woud like to buy a mesh 3.264amd,but have read alot about the problems with sp2 mesh and it just mesh that has this problem.

  Newuser2 19:32 05 Oct 2004

I built my own PC around an AMD 64 bit 3400 CPU.
With a ASUS MBO.
I was a little hesitant to install SP2 but got the CD and it all went OK no probs at all.
May be it's just Mesh ??.

  bremner 19:50 05 Oct 2004

This is an interesting question.

I have installed SP2 on my 754 pin 64 3000+ and my machine at work, a dual Opteron 246 machine both with no problems.

A number of colleagues also have 64 bit machines and have not had a problem.

Mesh supply machines with good quality componets so why is it they appear to have a problem.

Do they 'tweak' the machines in some way that causes the problem. If so what is the tweak and why do they do it?

ps I am not a MESH knocker, I have bought MESH and it is always the first company I recommend when asked where to purchase from - I am just curious as to their supposed 64 bit/SP2 problem?

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