Is it I hate Microland week?

  Edbanger 08:06 15 Jul 2004

What's with all these don't buy from Microland posts?
It seems like most are from 2 disgruntled customers, who have replied to any posts regarding Microland from the last 12 months.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:38 15 Jul 2004

Two customers or one customer with two forum IDs? Either way, seems someone had a problem with Microland.

  byfordr 08:38 15 Jul 2004

they do seem mildly irratated...

  MidgetMan 08:51 15 Jul 2004

Well at least they are leaving PCW alone!! should make one particular member happy lol

  carolyne 13:05 15 Jul 2004

nope this isnt "HATE MICROLAND WEEK" i just want to warn others of this dire of a company, and for the info it is not just 2 unhappy customers with 2 forum id's. check the web out for many other forums (some that i havent posted in yet). when you have a bad expierence with microland like i have im sure you will be posting here too. if this company is so greatly reveiwed why after 28 days am i still waiting for my money? why have i had to ask my c/c to retrieve my money? why dont they answer my emails? why do the staff put the phone down on you? . can you answer my questions ? .because they cant. i didnt know microland was like this when i ordered, DOH my mistake, only reading forums like this has given me the insight on what to do.

  carolyne 13:25 15 Jul 2004

dear diodorus

if your theory into "1 person 2 forum ID's" was true (LOL) maybe in theory this post came from the lovely people at microland::::anarchy4uk Wed, 14.07.04 | 22:20
I've had good experiences with Microland.
* When stock - a printer - was unavailable, they provided a superior model

* I had some questions on a PC, they were extremely helpful and keen to solve the issue, which they did very quickly

. because i dont believe anybody could get satifaction from MT the way this guy did. all i did was ask for a refund. check the post by ITS ME in this forum. he also asked for a refund. another poor guy waiting for his money

  MidgetMan 15:38 15 Jul 2004

Seems to add weight to the saying that "hell have no fury like etc etc etc "

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