It didn't take 'em long did it?

  TOPCAT® 13:14 01 Dec 2003

Early version of Longhorn on sale in Johor Bahru, Malaysia for 92 pence. TC.

click here

  Zinedene-285364 13:44 01 Dec 2003

typical microsoft...profits over priorities!

They still havent made XP safe, and this shines home by the number of critical updates, and now SP2's coming soon..

The whole of Asia is at it, and I dont blame them, considering such poverty exists in those countries....If they were to buy a legal copy, it would cost some people more than a YEARS income!!
I know this is specially the case in countries like India and Pakistan, where they get much of their staff..

Its about time Microsoft had more competition, and we, the consumer, have more options when it comes to choosing the right OS for ourselves...
I honestly thought XP would see a rise in security, however the only security they were interested in was the Product Key.

  MidgetMan 15:42 01 Dec 2003

What do you think post & package will be? :>))

  byfordr 15:48 01 Dec 2003

Why MidgetMan are you thinking of offering a rival service as part of your offer?
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  MidgetMan 17:26 01 Dec 2003

Why? would you want one???? :>)))))

  powerless 19:25 01 Dec 2003

You can get LH from MS now.

  byfordr 19:37 01 Dec 2003


With microshaft I think its always worth waiting a while before investing (at gunpoint)


What from their employee re-selling program

  powerless 20:04 01 Dec 2003


  Forum Editor 23:09 01 Dec 2003

is a fool. It won't work properly, and the first time you try to update it from a Longhorn update site (which won't be online for at least two years anyway) you're likely to find that your machine will refuse to start Windows next time you reboot.

As for "profits over priorities" - what on earth does that mean? Microsoft isn't selling these copies, pirates are, and they're the ones making the profit.

Windows XP SP2 isn't coming too soon by the way. I'm about to start beta testing it, and it won't be available for another five or six months.

  powerless 23:25 01 Dec 2003

Well not the Gold version but MS will give you LH for development.

  Demora 11:19 03 Dec 2003

I certainly won't buy a pirate anything. My other half bought a tape way back in 1984 for my mum of Phil Colins From Bankok and the quality was awful. Needless to say we binned it. I know we all like a bargain but I also like quality.


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