It ain`t me, its the dog ;-)

  john-232317 20:19 26 Feb 2004

Cut and pasted......

17:31 20 February 04 news service

A scent-generating device being tested by the UK internet service provider Telewest Broadband could soon allow internet users to transmit aromas of their choice across the internet.

The Scent Dome is about the size of a teapot and can generate up to 60 different smells by releasing particles from one or more of 20 liquid-filled odour capsules. Computers fitted with a Scent Dome unit use software to recognise smell identifying codes embedded in an email or web page.

The device is manufactured by Trisenx, based in Georgia, US, and is currently being tested at Telewest's UK research laboratory in Woking, Surrey.

The British company suggests that the system could be used to enhance a holiday web site by generating the scent of sun tan lotion and the ocean or liven up a grocery site with fresh bread and fruit smells.

Deep-seated emotions

"Our sense of smell is directly connected to our emotions," says Kate Fox, social anthropologist and co-director of the Social Issues Research Centre in Oxford. "Smells trigger very powerful and deep-seated emotional responses, and this additional element to the internet will enhance users’ online experience by adding that crucial third dimension."

Ellwood Ivey, founder and CEO of Trisenx, says users can mix different aromas to create custom smells and could theoretically produce unpleasant aromas, or electronic stink bombs.

But, in order to experience the service however Telewest customers will have to pay roughly £250 for a Scent Dome.

"We are always looking at ways to enhance the broadband internet experience," says Chad Raube, director of internet services at Telewest Broadband. "This could bring an extra whiff of realism to the internet."

  The Spires 22:15 26 Feb 2004

Should be interesting if the virus writers use it for wicked uses.

  accord 22:27 26 Feb 2004

this was on one of the news programmes the other day, very weird.

  Stuartli 09:44 27 Feb 2004

It's the "transmit" element of the statement that's surely misleading?

It would be a activating signal, not a scent or aroma.

Could be interesting in view of the heated debate sessions I've had by e-mail with one or two companies who have provided appalling service recently....:-)

  wee eddie 18:20 27 Feb 2004

with 20 different colours rather than 6.

It will be able to make up smells in roughly the same way as colours are.

The main problem that I can see is that (to my knowledge anyway) we have yet to split smells the same way that a prism splits the spectrum. Therefor we don't yet know the base aromas that all smells are made from. Although the aroma manufacturers have gone quite a long way toward creating many individual pongs.

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