Issue with buying a \pc

  mammak 21:01 13 Feb 2006

Hi all I went to buy a new pc today from our local Currys store (specs are not important at this point or price) Windows xp Home was preinstalled I then asked about a recovery cd, and was told I must make my own I said that did not sound right as a I understood it was Illegal to copy windows, there was no software at all bundled with the pc although cd/dvd combi writer ect was installed my point is surley the Pc should have had some sort of backup cd or am I missing something here, so would be grateful for a response on this, I did not buy the pc based on I did not understand the situation regarding the issue with reinstalling windows if all went belly up.regards mammak.

  VoG II 21:12 13 Feb 2006

As I understand it, some makes of PC come with software for making a backup of Windows which is legal.

Howeverr, I think that this is rediculous and I, like you, would not dream of buying a PC that did not come with at least a recovery disk and preferably a full Windows CD.

The Medion laptop that my daughter got a couple of years ago came with a Windows CD as did my recently purchased Aries from Savastore. But be aware that whilst I am delighted with my Savastore purchase there are lots of disgruntled customers who have posted in Consumerwatch.

If I were you I would shop around to find a PC that comes with a disk. Good luck.

  Beas-Knees 21:12 13 Feb 2006

I recently purchased an Acer PC and upon startup for the first time it went through the set up routine, so far through this procedure it gave me the option of creating a recovery C.D. which i did. I think this is the route that a lot of P.C. manufacturers are now taking.

  jakimo 21:14 13 Feb 2006

Have you considered buying from a local independent dealer ,who will build a system to your requirements.Some suppliers no longer supply a Microsoft OS disc,something to do with licencing

  Minkey1 21:14 13 Feb 2006

If manufacturers preinstal XP I believe they are obliged to provide a method of restoring the system in the event of a problem, whether by means of a supplied recovery disc, or by way of a recovery partition on the hard drive. If the latter, it is perfectly legal to copy it, and indeed advisable for obvious reasons.

If the PC is otherwise to your liking and price I'd go back and ask again - you may have got a duff salesperson ! Currys should know what recovery facilities are provided - you can't be expected to know how to find all the elements of XP and copy it. A way of doing it must be provided with the PC.


  citadel 21:21 13 Feb 2006

I got my latest pc from a local dealer and it came with a windows cd.

  SG Atlantis® 21:31 13 Feb 2006

Apparently not giving a full xp disk is encouorage by MS, reduces the risks of piracy.

I bought a Compaq from PCW, Currys sell the same ones. It didn't come with any disks.

I have a restore partition and the software allowed me to make a back up recovery disk. I also have it backed upto to the second hdd and use a recovery program - Paragon Exact Image and have this backed up to DVD as well.

There are other ways of backing up your installation.

If the PC was to your liking and good value go back and get it.

  SG Atlantis® 21:33 13 Feb 2006

as usual please excuse the spelling I must install a spellchecker.

  mammak 21:33 13 Feb 2006

that was my point I did not fancy buying a Pc without any form of backup i thought that was a legal requirment (mabye i am wrong) thanks to you all I will close this thread and that in the helproom was feeling a wee bit out of my way thank you all.

  rupie 22:49 13 Feb 2006

I once bought a PC from IBM and it included a restore partition, which I did use. The only issue was that the laptop was advertised as 10gig but this partition took up 2gig of this. I have to say it was the best quality laptop, both in build quality and service I have ever owned, by far. It did cost me a fortune - even after employee discount.

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