ISP's for use with Linux

  gaynes1cove 19:55 05 Jul 2004

Using Btopenworld which recently went over to BTYahoo, Now as I double boot to either Linux or Windows, I can no longer access the internet using SuSe Linux 9. I had got it working OK and then was not able to get on line at all with it. Checking on BTYahoo's FAQ's page I now find that It does not accept Linux. Can anyone give me the name of an ISP that is reasonably priced that accepts Linux?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:18 05 Jul 2004

click here is why I would never consider Linux ;-))

Why not just boot to Windows for surfing? Then you can use Linux for all then other 'easy' things that it does. ;-)))


  pmjd 21:56 05 Jul 2004

I have heard Arnold & Andrews are quite linux friendly try adslguide click here

They list and rate just about all UK ADSL ISP's and they have a good message board that can probably steer you in the right direction.

Are you using a USB modem? I know these can be tricky to configure under linux but at least you learn something. I have had no problems connecting my laptop using Mandrake, Suse and knoppix via a combined router/ADSL modem. As these work just like network connections they can be handled alot more easily by linux.

On another note Suse 9.1 personnal is now available as a free ISO download. Might have improved DSL connecting capabilites for USB modems.


  TomJerry 00:07 06 Jul 2004

You can use any ISP, if you do not use USB modem.

The trick is to get a router with build-in adsl modem, or a adsl modem with Ethernet/Lan connection (this can also be called as one port router).

With this set up, the connection to isp is actually made by the router (not the PC). So you PC just connect to a lan (actually router), so no matter what OS you use, it can connect to the lan and then isp.

You need have a ethernet (network) card installed in you PC with this kind of set up.

Cost? Around £40.

  CamPatUK 21:20 07 Jul 2004

I used a cheap router for BT Broadband and it works fine, although £40 seems very cheap for a modem router!. As for why use linux online for browsing how about it's security for one and the fact that the browsers are faster on the whole. Also linux machines benefit from updates like any os. i run two boxes one winxp and one linux and i do all my downloading on my linux box using downloader for x and azureus then samba it to the windows machine and therefor have me pc sealed up tighter than a ducks duct. this would obviously be the same in the case of a dual boot system where setting up samba would not be necessary. Fedora Core 2 is my current flavour and i have tried it with Belkin 7630 and mentor AR41 both worked great except for the problems that some of the earlier belkins had in regards of disconnects. also look into kaperski AV for linux it has some nice network implementation features.

  TomJerry 00:49 08 Jul 2004

The modem router I am using niw can be bought for £32.89 now click here, was around £40 when I bought it 8 months ago. Never had any problem with it, and there are many satisfied customers in ebuyers.

  CamPatUK 07:03 08 Jul 2004

I'm sorry if i sounded like i was dissing the modem you were using i had never seen one that cheap before, i myself got the cheapest model i could find 2 years ago but that was £59 i should have assumed they would have come down since then. p.s. i'm also going to retry mandrake 9.2 because i was very green when i tried it before but does it have any kind of package management like RPM?

  dth 15:18 08 Jul 2004


What problems are you having with BT? I have the same set up as you with Suse 9.1 and Win XP and haven't had any problems.

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