ISPs and multiple email addresses

  katedi 22:50 24 Jul 2003

We have discovered a number of friend's ISPs limiting the number of email addresses they can have to one. BT Business 500 is one of these-currently charging an extra £10 if you want more than one email address or want to use a non-BT email address. Others simply don't permit it.

As we are all family people with children who want their own email accounts (to which I apply a very high level of filtering), I am not sure how we cope with this. For eg, I work from home one day a week, working online and picking up my work email. If this is stopped, I will not be able to work at home, as I currently can't afford to increase the monthly payment of £30 to pay for extra addresses.

Is there any way round this problem?

  Al94 23:02 24 Jul 2003

Easy, I just ave on email address with Nildram, wife and family all have free MSN email adresses

  katedi 23:07 24 Jul 2003

The hotmail, yahoo solution is no longer viable as many organisations will not accept them when you register or try to buy anything.
I have had my hotmail address refused 3 times in the last week.

  Forum Editor 23:14 24 Jul 2003

is to buy your own domain name.

Many hosting companies will allow you to have multiple POP3 mailboxes, and even if they don't, all mail addressed to anynameyoulike @yourdomain will arrive in the mailbox. As you say that you "apply a very high level of filtering" to your children's mail in any case you could simply filter the mail from one POP3 box via Outlook or Outlook Express. Everyone would get their mail in separate folders and all you'll need to do is pay a renewal fee for the domain name every couple of years and a small charge to the hosting company.

One advantage of doing this is that you are free to move from one ISP to another without the hassle of changing email addresses - you'll have the same address for life.

  [email protected] 23:49 24 Jul 2003

I`ve done just that and it was a doddle to do. I used freeparking click here but there are loads of other companies.

For £9.99 I get my own domain with up to 10 addresses (for 2 years) which just get forwarded to your POP address, then as the FE says I just filter mail into different folders.

PS FE, theres a thread with a lot of people who have been worries about you :-)

  Forum Editor 00:06 25 Jul 2003

I'm touched......and I've put them out of their misery in that other thread.

click here

  H-J 17:46 26 Jul 2003

I've posted this link before- click here -but for a different reason. have a browse, pick a free to sign up isp so you get an email addy, and set your mail application to check it from your default connection. repeat as often as required.


  pj123 18:05 26 Jul 2003

Lots of ISPs offer multiple free email addresses. AOL allow 7, Tiscali allow 6, Onetel allow 3 and Blueyonder allow 15 to name but four.

  katedi 19:37 26 Jul 2003

thanks for the suggestions everyone. Unfortunately we live in deepest dorset with no cable, and only one provider of adsl - BT. They can hold us to ransom as a result, if they choose.

  dipsy 00:40 27 Jul 2003

Why only one provider of ADSL?
I thought if your line was enabled that you could go for any ISP that you wanted?

  pixel8 09:09 27 Jul 2003

dipsy is correct, once your local excahnge is ADSL enabled may may use any ISP. Before you sign up though it's worth taking a look at click here where you can check general performance levels & prices, happy hunting.

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