ISP wont transfer my domain

  ray64 11:50 03 Nov 2014

Back in August my domain ( with ZYMA.COM was due for renewal, but as their renewal charges were quite high, I decided to transfer the domain to my other service provider (1&1) I made the request three days before the due renewal date. Zyma refused to do the transfer stating that I had to renew the site first with them before I could transfer it (which would defeat the whole object of the exercise) they have refused point blank all my requests to transfer -is this legal as I made a perfectly valid request for the transfer before the renewal date? Another thing that has come to light in the process is that I do not own the domain and that ZYMA registered it in the name of ZYMA's owner without my knowing when the site was first setup - again is this legal practice? I only ask as Nominet say there is little they can do to enforce a transfer as the domain isn't in my name. Regards Ray Evans

  spuds 12:43 03 Nov 2014

Having had a quick look around the internet, there seems to be a number of reviews and comments about Zyma.

What I would be concerned about is if Zyma decides to sell your domain name, because they (Zyma) might consider they own or can dispose of it.

One review possibly worth looking at click here

  Forum Editor 22:51 03 Nov 2014

The first technical point to make clear is that nobody 'owns' a domain name. Names are registered to individuals or corporate entities, which allows them exclusive use of the name for the registration period, and a preferential right to renew the registration each time that falls due. If a name isn't renewed it goes back in to the pot (after a suspense period), and may be registered by anyone else.

Your name is registered to LINKZ INTERNET SERVICES who are based in the Cayman islands. The name was first registered on 22nd June 2005, and was last renewed on 21 May 2014. That renewal expires on 22nd June 2016.

You say that the renewal date was in August of this year, which is slightly puzzling, given the information I have supplied above. Can you confirm the following points for me?

  1. When did you first register the name?
  2. Who was recorded as the registrant when making the initial registration? (if it was you, just say 'myself' - I don't want your real name at this point).
  3. You should have received some form of email confirming the registration - do you have this?
  4. What use have you made of the name - have you ever published a website on it, or have you set up mailboxes on it?

Zyma have given you false information if they told you that the registration has to be renewed before it can be transferred. Names cannot be transferred within 60 days of first registration, but that's the only restriction.

A new registrar (1&1 in your case) can only initiate a transfer if it has received a form of authorisation from the registrant, or from the administrative contact for the name. In the case of you are neither of those things. There is currently no website on the domain.

There are things you can do if you allege that someone has acted illegally with regard to a domain name, but before I can advise you further I need all the information requested above.

  HondaMan 08:59 04 Nov 2014

Interestingly they are offering this domain for sale. See

  spuds 09:06 04 Nov 2014


With the link I am getting an error message "fail to load page" after part loading?.

In the link I provided, it would appear that the type of event you mention as occured before, hence my earlier comment.

  HondaMan 10:16 04 Nov 2014


Link works OK for me, a bit slow, but it does fully load.

  HondaMan 11:20 05 Nov 2014

Just had a response in connection with this item which reads:-

My name is Phillip, and I am a Domain Broker with DomainNameSales. Currently I represent the owner of and I would like to thank you for your inquiry.

I spoke with the seller and based on many criteria his expectations are 16,000.00 United States Dollars. Price is honored for 7 days.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any thoughts or questions. I'd be happy to discuss this with you if you have a few minutes.

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