ISP Regulator? Who to contact

  slysy 09:54 18 Dec 2004

Can anyone give me the details of a regulator, watchdog or whatever for ISP's.

I feel my ISP is in breach of our contract, they have only given 5 days notice that they will transfer my account to a new company.

All numbers I have for both companies are not answered at the weekend, so this only leave 2 days to make contact with them.

What happens to thos customers that are away on business or holiday, they will return to find that they have no account and no connection.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.


  [DELETED] 10:02 18 Dec 2004

How do you know that you will have no connection?
From your post it appears that they are transferring your account to another company - presumably you will still be connected via that other company.

  slysy 10:16 18 Dec 2004

If we do not instruct them, they will not transfer.

Due to the 2 days working notice given, Gio customer face no real viable alternative but to switch to the other ISP. Ok they have waived the connection charge but it is the fact that they have given such a small amount of notice.

2 days is not long enough to find another supplier and get a connection. Also bearing in mind next week is the last week before christmas, so some could be without a connection until after the new year.

  [DELETED] 10:22 18 Dec 2004

Can you not send them an email agreeing to the transfer?

  slysy 10:29 18 Dec 2004

I dont think you get my point.

We have no choice!!!!

This notice given is so small, that if we dont agree to the transfer to CustomNET then it is physically impossible to sign up to an ISP of our choice and obtain connection in a reasonable amount of time.

Many customers, like myself, need the connection for business etc, 2 days working notice is unacceptable and breaches the T&C.

This does not allow enough time to go through a complaints procedure with Gio, there is no way they would resolve a complaint within 2 days.

Hence my request of an organisation to take the complaint to.

  slysy 10:33 18 Dec 2004

CustomNET have stated:

All GIO customers on DataStream ADSL must transfer to CustomNET before this time if they wish to have NO INTERRUPTION to their service.

Once the deadline has passed reconnection is possible but will mean re-ordering of the service and a delay of up to 10 - 20 days before reconnection.

This will then probably incur additional costs.

What about the poor guy away on business who comes home xmas eve, or the family on holiday?
2 days is just not enough notice.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:47 18 Dec 2004

click here There are 98 pages here. Gio appear to be having some *ahem* trouble. I would suggest that you either transfer over or sign up for a more reliable ISP.


  spuds 10:55 18 Dec 2004

If you have a problem with an ISP,then this is the link click here You could also use click here.

But in the case of the GIO situation, you will find that a company called NetServices have pulled the plug on Gio internet broadband services due to finance arrangements and agreements.NetServices have arranged for six ISP companies to help Gio subscribers, so that they, the Gio subscriber, do not lose any internet broadband connections which may leave customers stranded with no internet services at all. NetServices are offering a quick goodwill solution, which should be appreciated.Whether the Gio broadband subscriber takes up the quick fix offer, then it is for them to decide on their next course of action, but take into consideration that a new contract with another ISP of your own choosing may cause further delays.

If you have lost your Giointernet broadband connection, you could try 0871 433 3000 to arrange a refund. Gio have promised to suspend billing on affected accounts until the situation as been resolved.The dial-up service that Gio provides should be unaffected by the broadband issue, and should be running as normal.

  slysy 11:18 18 Dec 2004

Gandulf, thanks for the link.

There are many posting on the site and there is also a representative from CustomNET giving reassurance.

Paul Howard, CustomNET ISP Rep states:

I have been reading through the forums and it seems that there are a lot of people unhappy with GIO and the transfer of services to ourselves.

One thing I can promise you is that CustomNET take our customers and their problems very seriously.

Later this morning a page is going up at click here to explain what is happening and how it affects everyone.

What this will basically say is that all customers that come across to us will have:

a) no downtime - we will give out a new username and password so that people can just log on straight away.

b) technical support based in Croydon, Surrey. 0845 call costs so no premium numbers, irc based support as well as a discussion list so that staff and community members can get feedback from eachother and hopefully sort any problem with a minimum of donwtime.

c) Pricing will not go up. If you sign up for a 12 month contract we will honour GIO's pricing hat you currently had. If you stay on a month to month contract to try us out then you pay the standard monthly fees as advertised on our website.

d) the promise that if you have a problem, we want to hear about it. We understand that without you as a customer we dont have a business. We are not in this to make a quick bit of cash. Custom (our parent company) have been around for 15 years and customer service and support has always been at the heart of our business.

e) we have no download limits or ports blocked.

f) Payments will be taken via standing order so you are in control of what is taken and when. We will never over bill you!!!!

Please feel free to post comments or questions here , in the IRC chat room , on the discussion list or emailing it [email protected]

Many thanks once again for your patience.

Paul Howard
Group IT manager

irc chat room: irc://

#customnet # billing # adsl

discussion list can be joined by emailing:

[email protected]

  slysy 11:26 18 Dec 2004

TO prevent confusion I am closing this thread.

Please see my other posting at click here

thanks for your support everyone

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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