isp evading responsibility?

  tugtac 21:27 21 Jun 2007

having suffered a sudden plunge in my ISPs download rate in the past 48 hours (its supposed to be 512Mb max BUT down to 9kb/sec at one point last evening).the isp (namesco) told that i must monitor the BT SPEEDTESTER page 3 times a day for the next 4 days before BT will take any action.
I am incredulous!
Any one else had this problem?

  dth 22:30 21 Jun 2007

I suffer from this myself occasionally. My understanding is that BT runs monitering software from the local exchange. If it detects a problem with your connection (which could be a line problem, a problem with the phone wiring in your house or a router problem) your connection speed will be autmotically dropped to an acceptable safe level. The BT software then monitors your connection for the next 3 days (keeping the safe speed) and if there are no further problems - restores the correct speed.

I am guessing this is why your ISP has asked you to hold off for 4 days. Running the BT ADSL speed test shows the capped speed (line profile -they call it)and the results can be accessed by BT.

Although it hasn't happened to me apparantly the line profile can get stuck and needs to be manually (by BT) occasionally. Just monitor your speed over the next few days. Another idea (which the BT ISP people sometimes suggest) is to plug your internet connection into the phone master socket. This should establish whether or not there are any problems with your home phone wiring.

  Dipso 23:00 21 Jun 2007

I presumed as tugtac says the connection is supposed to be 512k that it is a fixed speed connection so the profiling system doesn't apply. Not sure why the speed would drop so low but I know BT will only accept a fault report if the BT speedtester results are provided.

  MichelleC 10:53 22 Jun 2007

My speeds with MetroNet (now part of PlusNet) have decreased from my supposed 2mb. I went thro their tech support emailing complaints and this is what they wrote:

...Please can you carry out a minimum of 3 speedtests using the BT provided tool - instructions for which can be found at click here
Please try the test at least 3 times at 30 minute intervals to prove the results are consistent. As per BT's instructions at least one of these tests should be performed between the hours of midnight and 7am to avoid the possibility of contention at your exchange being the cause of the problem. If the fault cannot be proven to be evident outside peak hours (When contention can be an issue), BT are unlikely to accept the fault.
You should also check the following:
1. That your system has been scanned for viruses - ensure your software has the latest definitions and try an online scan at click here
2. That you have tested the connection when plugged directly into your master phone socket and all other telephony devices are detached ie nothing else is connected to the phone circuit. You must also test with an alternative microfilter. This is very important and failure to perform these tests may result in abortive BT callout charges. Let us know if the speed is equally slow in this instance.
3. Can/have you tested an alternate modem/router or have you tested your equipment at another ADSL enabled location?
4. Please also ensure you have checked for trojans and spyware on your system (or any other PCs connected to your network if there are any) to ensure that these are not causing any additional traffic which may be slowing your system down.
5. If you are running a wireless network, ensure it is secured from external access so that no one else can use your connection. Please ensure you test the speed when hardwired to the router.
6. Please ensure that you've tested the connection with all firewalls lowered to see if this helps.
7. Also, please ensure that your hardware is uninstalled and reinstalled if a USB/PCI modem, or reset to firmware defaults and reconfigured if a router.
If this does not help, please visit click here for further assistance...

The link they gave for the BT Tester is not applicable for MetroNet clients. I did all as they asked then got this:

...i am sorry that my collegue has given the wrong link to you. please can you test the follwing and then get back to us to confirm that this has been done so that we can investogate this fault further,
please test your router/modem at the master socket for the property. also test this with no phones in the house plugeed in (this includes sky and other devices.) and also test with a different microfilter...

I know they've lowered the speeds and are just using avoidance deployment methods. So I'm going to change to Virgin BB.

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